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How to Select the Perfect Fireplace Tile

Perfect Fireplace TileTile can be the jewelry of your fireplace when you select the perfect color and sheen to coordinate with your room. Whether you are giving your indoor fireplace a facelift or building a new outdoor hearth, investing in some high quality tile can be an excellent way to bring beauty to your façade. When selecting tiles for your fireplace, there are many important factors to consider. As a fireplace is typically a main focal point in any room, the vertical installation of your tile will be highly visible. It is important to make sure that you love your selection as a beautiful tile can make a huge statement in your space.


With a fireplace installation, your tile will only need to cover a few square feet in order to properly envelop your hearth. Tiling such a small area can make for a fast and easy construction project, and it is also great factor to keep in mind when deciding whether or not to purchase a higher end material. When tiling a large area, such as a kitchen floor, very expensive tile can create a large dent in a small budget since so much material is required. The fireplace is an excellent place to splurge when it comes to purchasing your favorite tile for such a small space.


Your fireplace tile can say a great deal about the style of your home. For a more organic look, a natural stone, such as terrazzo or marble, can bring the exterior elements indoors for a beautiful hearth. If you own a historical or highly stylized house, hand painted tiles can bring back some of the architectural style that was prominent during your home’s craftsman era. For a midcentury modern residence, adding some geometric flair to your fireplace can be an understated throwback to the roots of your home. With so many unique materials to choose from, including ceramic, natural stone, concrete, or glass, the sky is the limit when selecting which tile to choose for your distinctive focal point.


When choosing your tile, it is important to factor in the textural and edge components of your material. For an easier and more cost efficient installation, selecting a flat, two-dimensional tile is highly recommended. If you plan on adding a mantle or other wood trim, a smooth tile will ensure a professional looking, seamless appearance when placed on top of your tile’s edges. Picking out the best look for your fireplace can sometimes be complicated when selecting from so many beautiful options. Let the style experts at Mission Tile West make your tile choices easy. If you would like some additional assistance when selecting your fireplace tile, contact a knowledgeable design professional at one of the three office locations in South Pasadena, Santa Monica, or Costa Mesa.