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5 Points to Cover When Getting Tile Design Help

Learn how to get the most from your collaboration with our in-house tile design consultants.

5 Points to Cover When Getting Tile Design HelpDesigning with tile can be very exciting. But with so many different colors, shapes, styles, and materials to choose from, it can also be a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, the expert tile design consultants at Mission Tile West can help. Whether you just want a bit of help understanding how different tile bodies and glazes stand up as flooring, or whether you want to have your entire tile design project taken care of from concept to completion, you can come to our showroom for expert service.

One of the reasons we’re able to provide such satisfying results on tile projects large and small is our design consultants take the time to really understand your needs and desires. We’ll cover the following 5 points with you before beginning your project.

Project Scope

First of all, we’ll want to understand the scope of the project. Maybe you’re just interested in updating your bathroom tile with on-trend mosaic tile or subway tile, or maybe you want to create a brand new patio area with terra cotta tile. In any case, it is very important for us to understand where the tile will be placed as this can affect practical concerns about the tile choice, such as the tile body and the glaze. For example, it wouldn’t do to fall in love with a glass tile for your flooring project, only to discover that this tile is too slippery to use safely. Our design consultants will help prevent these kinds of disappointments.


Next, we’ll need to understand your budget for the project. Our design consultants have tons of tips and tricks for helping you to get the biggest design impact for your money. Often, we can create a design that uses a more costly designer tile as a focal point, but covers the majority of the space with a more economical but still attractive tile. For example, we could help you design a kitchen backsplash that features eye-catching designer tile above the stove, surrounded by a more affordable, neutral tile for the majority of the space.


Of course, we’ll want to understand your tastes so we can help you achieve the look you want. Do you prefer modern or traditional tile designs? Do you like bright, bold colors or understated tones? Do you want your tile to be a focal point or a background? We’ll go through our fully-stocked showroom with you to help figure out what kinds of tile you like.


Understanding what you don’t like is every bit as important as knowing what you do like. This helps our designers offer creative solutions for your design needs, without veering into territory you already know you won’t like.


Finally, we’ll want to understand how urgent your tile design project is, and if there are any specific deadlines you may have in mind. This will help us avoid steering you towards tile that has to be custom-made or special-ordered in the case of an urgent project, and also allows us to suggest tile layouts that are easy to install if a speedy project is required.