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Choosing Tile is Intimidating: Learn What to Look for When You Need to Narrow Down the Options

Choosing Tile is Intimidating: Learn What to Look for When You Need to Narrow Down the Options

Did you know that tile is one of the oldest building materials in the world that’s still in use? As you can imagine, with thousands of years of tile being created, there are many options out there. Mission Tile West is proud to offer a wide selection of tile options for our customers. That said, we know that it can be a blessing in disguise. How do you choose the right option for your home?

It’s true that it can take some work to find the right tile but once it’s installed in your home you’ll be glad you went through the trouble. Read on to learn about some of the elements you should consider when choosing, and then reach out to us with any questions at 626-799-4595.

Choose tile that’s appropriate for where it’s going to be installed

There are a lot of things to love about tile: It’s water-resistant, very simple to clean, and is durable. Kitchen tile is beautiful, we love seeing it in the bathroom and entryway. That said, it’s not perfect for every room in your home. The most important thing to consider first is what’s practical and what’s going to work for your floors.

For example, you’ll likely want a textured tile to be used in the bathtub or shower because a smoother tile can get slippery when it’s wet. On the other hand, installing a textured tile on a high-traffic area can be a pain because it’s harder to clean. Smooth tiles on the other hand, are easy to mop and likely a better choice in that situation.

Use color wisely

When you’re choosing the right color tile, you’ll think of several factors. Of course, first and foremost you want something that you like. That said, be aware of what different colors will do to a room. Adding dark tiles can make a room look warmer but it can also overwhelm a small space. If you want a room to look bigger, then lighter colors are a good option. High-traffic areas are often tiled in several colors because the patterns can help mask dirt between mopping.

Pick the right size of tile for your needs

If you have a small room then large tiles are a good choice – they make them look larger. If you use smaller tiles, a room will feel more intimate – but remember to use small tiles with caution. They have more grout lines, which can make a room look a lot more complex – and can be harder to clean.

Likewise, it’s easier and faster to install large tiles versus smile tiles. Whether you’re installing your own tiles or hiring the professionals, you’ll likely save time and money with larger tiles.

Does this guide help you narrow down your options? Do you have more questions about which materials are best? Or if there’s one finish that’s best for all tiles? Feel free to reach out to Mission Tile West at 626-799-4595 to get answers to all your tile questions.