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6 Ways to Use Beautiful Tiles in Your Home

6 Ways to Use Beautiful Tiles in Your Home

If you love tile as much as we do at Mission Tile West then you may be wondering how you can use it, beyond the typical ways people do. Here are six ideas. Some are pretty simple but we find that some people forget some of the more obvious ways to use tile. Others are out of the box. Take a look and then reach out to us at 626-799-4595 if you’d like to learn more about your options.

  1. Create an accent wall out of tile
  2. If you’ve studied any design blog then you know that painting one wall as an accent wall can instantly create an amazing focal point. Now imagine that instead of painting the wall, you covered it in incredible art deco tile. Whether you do so in the bathroom, kitchen, or your living room, it’s going to make a statement.

  3. Use tile on your built-in shelves
  4. Built-in shelves are very useful and handy but they can look a little plain. One great option is to tile them. you can tile the backs or bottoms of the shelves – or both! This is an especially great choice for built-ins that are located in a child’s room. A spill that would otherwise ruin wood is no match for the resilience of tile.

  5. Create art with your tile
  6. You don’t have to permanently attach tile to your home in order to enjoy it. Instead, you can create incredible art with it. Look for tiles that you can create mosaics out of. Install them within frames and add color to your entry way, create a unique mosaic for the living room, or to add a punch of color in your bedroom.

  7. Use tile in the bathroom – and not just on the floor
  8. Bathroom tile is nothing new but why stop with the floor? Create a tile backsplash behind your bathroom sink, tile all the way up the wall in your shower, or tile the entire bathroom! It’s easy to clean, repeals mold and mildew, and looks truly unique.

  9. Swap out wainscoting for tile
  10. Who says wainscoting has to be made of wood? The design is incredible, and we love the look of a wall that’s half wainscoting and half paint. That said, what if it were made out of tile instead? It can even be installed in such a way that there’s a seal where it connects to the floor – which means you don’t have to worry about water damage.

  11. Tile your corridor
  12. If you have hardwood floors or carpet in your corridor, then we would strongly suggest that you at least consider adding tile. Why? Because it’s easy to clean, beautiful, and unique. At Mission Tile West, we have tons of options for you. Our tiles are handcrafted, uniquely created, and of the highest quality. Reach out to us at 626-799-4595 to learn more or stop by our showroom.