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Do You Need More Functionality in Your Bathroom? Consider a Tile Niche

Do You Need More Functionality in Your Bathroom? Consider a Tile Niche

Adding a tile niche to your bathroom is a great way to make a room look even more incredible than it otherwise would. A niche brings together form with function, and adds some truly smart storage. It’s also a great way to showcase your unique, hand painted tile. Whether you want to show off the patterns or colors you’re using in your shower, or you want to pop in a new focal point, there’s a lot to a niche besides the obvious: Creating a spot to stash essentials.

Who says niches have to be rectangular?

When you think about a bathroom niche, you probably immediately think of a rectangular shape. The truth is that there are many other options. One popular choice is the arched niche. This adds a certain bohemian element to the bathroom. When you use some of our unique patterned tiles, you can add your favorite outdoor element or animal too.

How to create a transition from niche to wall

If you want your niche to be created using different tiles than are used in the rest of your shower, then you may wonder: How do I complete that transition successfully? We recommend using a color palette for your unique tiles that’s either the same or similar to the color palette used for the rest of the bathroom design.

Space on top of space: Maximizing the amount of room in a niche

There are many reasons to add a niche to a bathroom but let’s face it: Adding more space is one of the most convincing. If you really want to maximize the space that your niche creates, consider adding several levels within the niche. This gives you maximum space and allows you to keep your bathroom tidy and organized.

Play with patterns in your niche

There may be no better place in your bathroom to play around with patterns than in your niche. For example, consider adding black grout if you want to accentuate the graphic impact. You’ll also want to consider the trim options. The right trim can help you cover up the edges and corners in the niche. If you choose glazed tile edges in your niche, you’ll have a very contemporary look.

A niche doesn’t have to make a statement

Most of the options we’ve covered have involved creating dramatic, unique niches. However, this isn’t the only option. If you want yours to simply add storage while blending in, then use the same tile you’ve used throughout the bathroom. Or you can have a unique tile but in a color that’s just slightly different than your main tiles. For example, a light blue bathroom could have lighter blue tiles within its niche.

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