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Read Answers to Common Asked Questions About Tile Cutters

Read Answers to Common Asked Questions About Tile Cutters

If you are considering remodeling with tile then you will need to get ahold of the right tools. One of the essential tools will be a tile cutter. Your end result may be affected greatly by the quality of your tile cutter. Read on to get answers to common questions about tile cutters. If you need help finding the best interior or exterior tiles for your projects, consult with Mission Tile West at 626-799-4595.

What is the Most Important Factor to Consider When Choosing a Tile Cutter?

The type of tiles you will be cutting. Different tiles have different textures and therefore require different cutters. The goal is to find an option that allows you to effortlessly cut through the tile you need to trim. That is why the first question you should answer is whether you want ceramic, marble, porcelain, or granite tiles. If the tile you choose is thick and hard, then you may need a motorized tile cutter. If the tiles you choose are smooth and thin, then a manual tile cutter is likely enough to get the job done.

How Durable Does the Tile Cutter Need to Be?

This is a common question because many people assume that they are just going to be using the tile cutter for one project. As a result, do they really need a top quality option? Not necessarily. That said, you do want one that is solidly built enough that it’s not going to break or chip during your project. Look for a cutter that has quality materials on the cutting wheel and the body. You can also read reviews other customers have made to find out if they are built for professional or personal use.

What Am I Looking for as Far as Stability Goes?

You want a tile cutter that is going to stay in place even when you are cutting, even if what you are cutting includes large, thick tiles. Make sure that your tile cutter is stable so that you do not damage the tiles or affect the result. Look for a tile cutter with a reinforced base so that it will be less likely to slide out of place when it is in use.

What Are the Main Types of Tile Cutters?

There are two main options: Manual and motorized. For large projects with big, thick tiles, a motorized option will help you speed up the project but it will also cost considerably more. A manual one is affordable but may not be right for a larger project.

At Mission Tile West we are proud to offer a huge range of tiles for all needs. Contact us at 626-799-4595 and we can get you started looking at the many options.