Swimming Pool Tile Monrovia CA

Pool TilesMake your pool the centerpiece of your property with stunning swimming pool tile Monrovia CA from Mission Tile West. Come visit our showroom and find out how to give your swimming pool a fresh new look that will enhance the value and appeal of your home or business. Here are the types of tile we usually recommend for pool areas:

  • Terra cotta tile
  • Hand-painted tile
  • Mexican pavers
  • Mosaic tile
  • Cement tile
  • Natural stone

Terra cotta and stone make great pool deck materials, because they have non-slip surfaces. As an added bonus, these materials can provide a cool surface on a hot day. You can add color and interest to terra cotta pool decks using a smattering of multi-colored decorative tiles.

Cement Pool Tile

Cement tile is another good choice for swimming pool tile Monrovia CA. This traditional Mexican tile has been showcased in some very sophisticated California properties recently. Cement tile is very versatile and can be used on the pool deck or to decorate walls, stairs, etc. Most notably, the color in cement tile extends all the way through the tile rather than existing as a glazed layer on the top of the tile. This keeps chipping from having a huge adverse impact on your design and adds to the life of the tile.

Other Outdoor Living Space Ideas

Swimming pool tile Monrovia CA has many applications apart from the pool. If you plan wisely, you can use this same tile to create a unifying style in your whole yard. Patios, porches, paths, walkways, fireplaces, and outdoor bars or food prep areas are all great examples of places you can use tile.