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2014’s Hottest Tile Colors

Get inspired by this year’s colors when planning your next tile project

hot colorsThey say some colors never go out of style. But sometimes it’s hard to tell which hot new colors will turn out to be timeless. You only have to look at the harvest gold and avocado green appliances and fixtures of the 1970s to realize that colors that look fresh now can become very dated later. One way to avoid this phenomenon is to use the bolder designer colors as an accent rather than as the focus of your interior design. And, of course, you should choose colors that you love and can live with, not just blindly follow some design guru’s advice. With this in mind, it’s time to check out 2014’s hottest colors and see how they may inspire you in your next tile project.

Lighter Palettes Trending

According to the color-marketing manager of Kelly-Moore Paints, designers are expecting to see a trend towards lighter color palettes in 2014 as a reaction against the darker palettes of recent years.

Pantone Chooses Radiant Orchid as the “Color of the Year”

Pantone, the company responsible for setting color standards that enable the accurate communication of color from a designer’s mind to a manufactured product, has named Radiant Orchid as 2014’s “Color of the Year.” Pantone describes this color as a “captivating, magical, enigmatic purple” that “encourages expended creativity.” When it comes to interior design, Pantone color consultants expect Radiant Orchid to pair well with deep green tones, to brighten gray, beige, and taupe, and to prove very useful in unifying diverse spaces.

Linen the New Neutral for 2014

Neutrals will always play an important role in interior design, providing a rest for the eyes and allowing accents to really pop. This year’s neutral of choice is calm, serene, earthy linen.

Blue, Orange, and Yellow Accents

If you like bold colors, designers are highlighting peacock blue, blood orange, and sunny yellow as the hot new accent colors to try. These colors can be used to make a small space like a powder room really pop, or as a way to boldly brighten a white kitchen or patio.

Try it in Tile

Interested in these hot new colors? Mission Tile West can help you incorporate them into your home using beautiful, versatile tile. Accent tile is a great way to try out new colors, because you can get a lot of impact out of a small amount of tile, and it is easy to replace a tile runner or backsplash a few years down the line if you decide you no longer care for the color.