2015’s Pantone Color of the Year is Perfect for Talavera Tile

Rich, earthy, red-brown “marsala” pairs well with many types of tile.

2015’s Pantone Color of the Year is Perfect for Talavera TileEvery year, the Pantone company designates a single shade as their color of the year. For 2015, the winner is marsala, a rich red-brown color named after Sicily’s Marsala wine. Lovers of traditional, earthy design palettes will rejoice at this choice, which is a marked contrast to the 2014’s bright Radiant Orchid and 2013’s vivid Emerald Green.

Marsala can be used as a bold neutral that can pair equally well with warm and cool shades, especially ambers, yellows, bright blues, and turquoises. It also adds pop to traditional neutrals like cream, gray, and brown. Marsala conveys a grounding, organic feel to a space, bringing associations of good food, good wine, and good company.

It also brings up associations of sun-drenched Sicily, an aesthetic that is very similar to the many flavors of Mexican-inspired architecture commonly found here in southern California. Talavera tile, a traditional Mexican tile that is frequently used along with terra cotta in these architectural styles, can also pair well with red-brown marsala.

3 Ideas for Using Talavera Tile

On the Walls: In traditional Mexican architecture, exterior and interior walls were often covered with bright, colorful Talavera tiles. To incorporate this into your home, try creating a bright blue Talavera tile fireplace surround or a fun border along the top and bottom of your shower or tub surround. To make that tile really pop, paint the walls around it marsala.

On the Patio: Incorporating Talavera tile into your terra cotta patio is a timeless option for an effortlessly appealing space. The Talavera tiles help add color and interest to the neutral background of the terra cotta. Try mixing Talavera tiles into your terra cotta flooring, using them under the risers of an outdoor staircase, making an attractive border on your pool surround, or dressing up your garden wall with a tile facing.

In the Kitchen: A Talavera tile backsplash can make a beautiful addition to your kitchen. To complete the rustic Mexican look, try adding other touches like a copper sink or a marsala accent wall.

Where to Source Your Talavera Tile

Mission Tile West is an excellent source of authentic Mexican Talavera tile. Our business actually started with handmade Mexican tile, and over the years we’ve never lost sight of the beauty and versatility of this product. We have 30 years of experience and you can rely on us to help you choose the best Talavera tile for your project.