3 Creative Ways to Use Broken Tile Pieces

Use Broken Tile PiecesThese days, many people and companies are into reusing and recycling. We believe this can carry over into uses for tile, as well. Tile isn’t limited to the bathroom or kitchen countertops. Rather than throwing out a piece of tile that is chipped or broken, it’s possible to amass a collection of broken tile pieces to create a unique, stunning work of art that will beautify your home or yard. To get started on your broken tile project, you will need:

  • Tile pieces (you can purchase colorful pieces of tile and carefully break them into pieces of varying shapes and sizes).
  • Sandpaper to smooth the sharp tile edges.
  • Tile adhesive, grout and sealant.

After preparing your tiles and planning out your project, it’s time to get to work! Here are three ideas for creating beautiful, long-lasting decorations out of broken tiles.

Flower Pots

Plain terra cotta pots are pretty and rustic, and pots that are bought pre-decorated in the store are also nice to look at and convenient. However, it can greatly enhance the décor of a yard or room to have flower pots that truly stand out. A few small pots decorated with a broken tile design can be charming, or you can use one large pot to really make the design pop. Either create a single design on the side of the pot, such as a flower or a pattern along the rim, or go wild and cover the entire pot with a splash of various colors and designs.


Nothing can add charm and appeal to a tabletop than a classic or rustic design made from broken tiles. Tables of any size can be used for this project, but we think smaller accent tables and side tables are ideal for this use. An added benefit to covering a tabletop with a broken tile design is that the table will become more durable perfect for outdoor use.

Wall Mosaic

A classic and popular use for tile pieces is to cover portions of a wall, or an entire area, with designs or pictures. Colorful patterns are fun to set up and easy to create, but artistic people can even create stunning images in tile. Many homes include wall alcoves, which would be perfect for adding a tile mosaic. Bedrooms, halls, stairways and outdoor spaces are all places where a wall mosaic of any size would be appealing. Not wanting something so permanent? A mosaic can also be created using a picture frame.

Get the Kids Involved

What project could be more fun and inspiring for creative young minds than making a tile work of art? Kids can decorate their own flower pots, picture frames, stepping stones and more with pieces of tile. These projects are sure to result in artwork that you can proudly display for years to come. Just be sure that all sharp, dangerous edges of broken tiles are sanded before allowing kids to get their hands on them, and supervise any project that involves adhesives and other chemical products.

Get Started Today

After setting your tile pieces in place, smooth grout into the spaces in between, finish the project with sealant and step back to admire your work of art. Interested in more creative tile decorating ideas for your home and yard? Contact Mission Tile West today to see what we have to offer.