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3 Fireplace Trends to Look for in 2019

3 Fireplace Trends to Look for in 2019

In most rooms with a fireplace, it is the architectural focal point. It is a beautiful installation that immediately draws the eye. As the homeowner, you can use this fireplace to your advantage to highlight your individual style. However, at Mission Tile West we know that many people struggle to determine exactly what their personal style looks like.

Today we are going to share three of the most popular trends we expect to see on fireplaces in 2019. If you have questions about using tile on fireplace, want expert advice on which tile to choose, or need a great place to find incredible tiles, then contact Mission Tile West at 626-799-4595 or stop by our location to check out your options for yourself.

  1. Hand painted tile

  2. If you are an art fan, or you appreciated a steady pattern, then hand painted tile may be a great option for your fireplace. You can choose a tile made with any number of unique pieces of art and can truly make your fireplace the focal point of a room. When it comes to bold hand painted tile, less is more – just a few of these bright tiles can have a huge impact on a room – and a home. In fact, some homeowners use just a few hand painted tiles with a simple border to go around them.

  3. Neutral tile colors

  4. Neutral tiles fit in with any décor and are a great choice if you do not plan to live in your home for decades. Any upgrades you make should be considered in terms of how wide of an audience they would have with the general public. Neutral tile colors work with all sorts of décor, which means that they not only are more likely to appeal to future homebuyers but they look great with anything you have today and any changes you may make in the future.

    Those who believe that neutral colors are necessarily boring will be surprised to check out our unique selection of neutral tiles. Remember that neutral can include white, black, gray, and many other colors. When used in the right combinations and installed correctly, neutral tiles can create a dramatic, bold look or a subtle, elegant look – and everything in between.

  5. Dashes of color

  6. If you have a favorite color and you want it showcased, there is no better way to do so than by adding a pop of it here and there. If you are nervous about using a bold color, consider getting a classic pattern in that bold color. You can also add neutral tile around it, as described above.

No matter what type or color of tile you choose for your fireplace, Mission Tile West is here to provide competitive prices for truly beautiful, resilient, high-quality tile. We look forward to helping you find the exact product you are looking for.