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3 Unexpected Uses for Tile

More Than a Beautiful Background

Uses for TileMost people are familiar with tiling as a practical foundation or artistic accent in kitchens, bathrooms, and flooring. Tile can offer a lot more than pretty backsplashes and floors, however. These little ceramics come in nearly limitless designs and can be harnessed to pack an aesthetic punch in both indoor and outdoor applications. Modern pieces and patterns are not just confined to the kitchen and bath anymore. Here are three unexpected places you can add tile for fresh look that is both visually pleasing and durable.


Staircase tiling has been gaining serious attention in recent years. You can find intricate tile mosaics on staircases from the streets of San Francisco to the museums of Spain. You don’t have to live in an exotic location to welcome this kind of artwork into your home, however. Mission Tile West supplies indoor and outdoor staircase tiles on a regular basis in homes countrywide. Not only can you create visual interest in an unexpected place, you will enjoy the added durability of tile. Stairs can take a lot of abuse from constant, long-term use. Tile stands up to the wear and tear that carpet is susceptible to. Staircase tiling is also a great opportunity to enhance the color palette of your home. If you already have a lot of neutrals, you can either stick with them or add a colorful mural that spans your staircase. If you already have a color palette, you can use one from your collection or keep it simple with a neutral-patterned staircase.


While the concept of fireplace tiling is not necessary new, modern patterns and colors let designers and homeowners alike get creative with interior spaces. The fireplace is one of the most inviting places in your home where friends and family gather on cold winter days. Tile can significantly enhance the feeling of comfort, and is a great opportunity to showcase your personal style. You can stick with a classic, neutral design or choose a unique display of colors and patterns to suit your aesthetic.


Many people have seen or used tile in swimming pools, but it can do a lot more than that for your front or backyard. Outdoor bars and seating are both great places to incorporate these decorative ceramics. Because your backyard is a natural place for people to gather for parties and festivities, the outdoors are a great place to have fun with color. You can add tile to your bar, tables, patio floors, or walls for an unexpected pop of color. Whatever your tile needs, contact Mission Tile West for the most unique designs and professional advice. Whether you want to remodel or add new tile sections, call Mission West Tile for the best in service and style.