3 Ways Technology is Driving Trends in Tile Design

Technological innovations may inspire new trends in tile design, but there is always room for the classics.

3 Ways Technology is Driving Trends in Tile Design

One of the exciting things about the tile industry is that, despite the fact that there will always be certain go-to tile design classics, there is also ample innovation going on. For example, here are three technological innovations that have inspired new trends in tile design:

New Inkjet Technology: Thanks to the advent of advanced inkjet technology for ceramics, we are now seeing an abundance of metallic-effect tiles that can be put to dramatic use as backsplashes or accent walls.

Perfection of Faux Finishes: Tile manufacturers are now able to create high-quality replicas of all kinds of natural surfaces on ceramic tile bodies. For example, porcelain tiles are now available that look almost identical to marble, bluestone, and wood, but are much more durable than the materials they imitate.

Manufacturing Process Improvements: For many years, tiles were limited in size and thickness because of limitations involved in firing large, thin tiles in a kiln. However, today high-quality large-format tiles are available and extremely popular. These tiles are large yet thin, while makes them suitable for both floors and walls. This has been achieved using new manufacturing processes, such as one process in which a special machine presses a continuous layer of porcelain under 15 tons of weight to make sure it stays flat.

Prefer a Vintage Look?

If you are trying to create a vintage look in your property, most contemporary tile brands simply aren’t going to cut it. Because these tiles are made using modern manufacturing processes, they will not give you the authentic look you crave.

For example, tiles made during the 1930s have a wonderfully luminous appearance because of the type of glaze that was used during that era. Rather than producing the same saturated color on every tile, the old glazes flowed a bit more to create translucency and give each tile a slightly different tone. This is why vintage tile walls have a watercolor effect, while modern tile walls can look a bit flat.

At Mission Tile West, we create our own lines of vintage tiles in our own factories to give you the historically accurate look you want when recreating designs from the 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s. You can choose from a variety of decorative themes and pick your colors from our palette of authentic period glazes.

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