3 Ways to Update your Kitchen with Designer Tile Monrovia CA

Designer Tile Monrovia CAIs your kitchen looking old, tired, or out of date? Breathe some new life into it with designer tile Monrovia CA

When it comes to the value of your home, the appearance of and amenities in your kitchen play a very important role. And of course, if you do a lot of cooking at home, you’ll naturally want to make sure you have a beautiful space that you can enjoy cooking in. Some kitchen updates can be expensive, but designer tile in Monrovia CA offers lots of options for transforming your kitchen without breaking the bank.

Replace Old Tile & Grout

Most types of tile age really well, but grout often becomes discolored and sometimes even shrinks and pulls away from the tile. One quick and easy way to update your kitchen is to replace this gross old grout with a new product that will look clean and fresh for years to come. Be sure to use a mildew- and stain-resistant product. While you’re replacing your grout, you might as well consider replacing your old tile as well. You might upgrade to a new color scheme or to a more modern tile shape. If you’re happy with your old tile design but just want it to look new, ask us about our ability to match vintage tile designs.

Add a Tile Backsplash

If you don’t already have a tile backsplash in your home, you really ought to get one! Not only do backsplashes help keep your wall safe from spills and splashes that happen during cooking, they also look very attractive. When creating your tile backsplash with designer tile Monrovia CA, the sky’s the limit in terms of color, shape, and overall visual impact. You might choose a traditional Talavera tile motif to match a Spanish colonial kitchen, or sleek, glossy subway tiles to suit a more modern design. One of our expert tile design consultants will be happy to show you some samples and help you develop a design.

Create a Mural

It has become increasingly popular to extend the tile backsplash up to cover the entire wall surface between your range top and range hood. Most designs add visual interest and appeal to this tile wall by creating a mural to fill the space. The mural might feature hand-painted decorative designer tile Monrovia CA to create a scene, or just a variety of textures and shapes for a more subtle design. Either way, it just takes a few square feet of tile to totally transform the space and add a beautiful new element to your kitchen.