4 Places to Use Terra Cotta Tile

Terra cotta tile makes a beautiful addition to interior and exterior spaces

4 Places to Use Terra Cotta TileTerra cotta is one of the oldest types of tile in existence, and it certainly does have a timeless appeal. Fortunately, terra cotta tile production has come a long way since the days thousands of years ago when slabs of red clay tile were simply baked in the sun. Today, terra cotta tile is oven-fired for additional strength and often adorned with decorative glazes or inlaid designs.

If you love the look of terra cotta tile, you might consider using it in these 4 places at your home or business:


Perhaps the most common use of terra cotta tile is as patio tile. The rich, earthy tones of the red clay tile can give a finished but natural look to outdoor spaces, especially when an unglazed terra cotta tile is chosen and allowed to weather slightly.

Indoor Flooring

Terra cotta tile can also work very well as an indoor flooring option. However, when used indoors it is recommended to choose a glazed tile, or else have the tile sealed. This protects the tile against absorbing moisture from any spills in the home and also helps to make it easier to keep clean. The glossy look also adds a touch of class to the flooring while the color of the clay adds warmth.


Terra cotta tiles come in a variety of sizes, some of which are suitable for stair risers. One very appealing design option for a terra cotta staircase is to have a plain terra cotta tread and lip with a colorful decorative tile on the risers. This decorative tile might be a glazed terra cotta tile or a ceramic tile such as a Mexican paver or a Talavera tile.


Terra cotta tile can also look quite appealing when used on a wall. You might cover a garden wall with a few lines of decorative terra cotta tile to add interest and personality, or you could use the tile indoors, covering the bottom half of the wall to create a sort of wainscoting look.

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