5 Considerations to Remember When You Are Choosing Tile for Exterior Stairs

5 Considerations to Remember When You Are Choosing Tile for Exterior Stairs

If you are planning to tile your exterior stairs then you have a wide range of factors to consider. Keep reading to learn about five of the most important things we think you should consider. If you have questions about tile or want to find the best options in the area, stop by Mission Tile West or give us a call at 626-799-4595.

  1. The Strength of the Tiles
  2. Tiles that are used indoors need to be strong but exterior tiles must be even stronger. They have to stand up to fluctuating temperatures, weather conditions, and much more. Even living in California, you must have tiles that can work with any weather that may happen.

  3. Your Budget
  4. In a perfect world, you can choose your tiles based on nothing more than your preferences but the truth is that your budget will be an important factor. Many are surprised to learn just how big the difference in price can be. For example, you should not be surprised to find tile for $1 per square foot and tile for $50 per square foot in the same store. Know your budget before you start shopping and you’re less likely to be disappointed.

  5. Your Style
  6. Of course, the new tile must blend in with your personal style and the style of that is around it. You do not want modern tiles if your landscaping and architectural style is Victorian. Look for colors and materials that complement what is already beautiful about your property.

  7. The Texture – Including How Slip Resistant the Tile Will Be
  8. Whether or not the tile is slippery will be much more important when used in outdoor applications as in most indoor applications. This is because moisture is often present on exterior surfaces. You likely need tile that has some sort of tooth that can help prevent slipping. You will also consider what texture you like but make sure that the ultimate option you choose is one that you feel good about safety-wise as well.

  9. How Much Light the Stairs Will Get
  10. Many people do not think much about sunlight but the truth is that the amount of sunlight a patio gets on a regular basis can have a huge impact. If you have a bright, sunny space you may want darker tiles. If you have a dim, shady area then bright tiles may help to make the space feel larger and lighter. We recommend looking at the space at all times of day to consider how your tile selection would like during each of them.

If you are on the hunt for the best tiles around then you are looking for Mission Tile West. You can contact us at 626-799-4595 and we will be happy to help you find the right tiles for your exterior stairs.