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5 Home Interior Trends to Follow if You Are Obsessed with the Boho Chic Look

5 Home Interior Trends to Follow if You Are Obsessed with the Boho Chic Look

If you’ve always wished for the boho chic look in your home, then we have good news. Not only do we offer some whimsical tiles that will look great in your home, but we have some great ideas on other home interior trends that will bring the look together. Keep on reading to learn more and then stop by or call Mission Tile West at 626-799-4595 to learn more about your options.

  1. A wall-hanging that makes a statement
  2. Choose a boho wall hanging that makes a statement. You can put it in the living room, your bedroom, an office – any room that has a large wall space to use. Both macramé and weaving are very popular right now and their neutral colors fit in perfectly with a boho décor, no matter how subdued or bright you are making it. You can even find incredible vintage pieces at your local thrift store or online.

  3. Prints in many tones
  4. One of the best parts of the boho style is the fact that so many patterns, textures, and colors are mixed. You could find a rug in a bold Turkish style and pair it with a couch that has a bright Moroccan fabric. You can buy vintage pieces and you can buy brand-new pieces. The point of this style is that you can do what you want and mix many different prints together.

  5. Textured linens
  6. Here it’s recommend to get vintage textured linens, though new pieces that are inspired by vintage pieces will work too. We’re talking about blankets, bedspreads, and other large pieces of fabric. It’s also nice to have a variety of linens of various sizes so that you can rotate pieces in and out. Just look for different textures and materials that can help your home to, in the end, look more collected. If you have more blankets and other linens than spaces to put them, simply throw one on the back of a chair or at the end of your bed.

  7. Incorporate unique tiles
  8. You may think of tile as perfect for a bathroom or kitchen remodel, but in fact they can be great choices for the living room, outdoor spaces, hallways, staircases, and much more. At Mission Tile West we handcraft tiles you won’t find anywhere else and carry tiles from the top brands. If you want quality pieces then we are the company to turn to.

  9. Bring in the plants
  10. When you want to add a flair of boho style, plants are a great place – especially when you add them in boho vases and pots. In fact, you can use tiles to cover pots and vases to make them unique and fit in with other areas of your home. Macramé covered pots are also a popular choice, including hanging plants and flowers.

Are you ready to discover more about your boho options? Then stop by Mission Tile West or give us a call at 626-799-4595 today!