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5 Reasons to Choose a Ceramic Tile Backsplash

5 Reasons to Choose a Ceramic Tile Backsplash

If your kitchen is like the kitchens of most homeowners, it gets a lot of traffic. Whether it’s preparing meals, cooking, feeding friends and family, or a spot to do homework for the kids, a kitchen is a multi-purpose room. Not only that, but many of the activities that take place in kitchens are quite messy. This is why it’s wise to make sure that you’re using materials in your kitchen that meet its unique needs.

At Mission Tile West, we recommend ceramic tile for many kitchen projects, including backsplashes. Ceramic tile holds up well to the issues in kitchens: spills, sprays, and high traffic. Read on to learn five more ways that ceramic may be the perfect choice for your kitchen backsplash and then contact us at 626-799-4595.

  1. Ceramic tile are easy to maintain and clean

  2. There’s no question that ceramic tiles are sleek, slippery, and easy to clean and maintain. If you accidentally spill something on them, cleaning them up is as simple as grabbing a roll of paper towels and a bowl of warm water. This is true even if the spill in question is something that typically stains, like red wine or tomato sauce.

  3. It’s relatively easy to install ceramic tile

  4. Of course, at Mission Tile West we recommend that you let the tile professionals install your backsplash. That said, for a homeowner who is fairly experienced with home improvement jobs, it’s not terribly difficult to install. What’s more, if you ever break or damage a tile, you can replace a single tile without having to redo the entire backsplash.

  5. Ceramic tile can help increase the value of your home

  6. Once you have your ceramic tile installed, you’ll agree that it really makes the room shine. As a result, it can significantly increase the value of your kitchen overall. Compared to other options, ceramic tile is relatively affordable yet it offers a high-end look that can result in a significant financial return after you invest in it.

  7. Ceramic tile is a great choice for the environmentally conscious

  8. At Mission Tile West, our ceramic tiles are unique and are made with only natural materials. This means that if you decide to replace them a decade from now, they can be recycled and / or reused. If you’re a family that wants to decrease your impact on the natural environment then ceramic tiles may be a great choice.

  9. You have a seemingly endless list of options to choose from

  10. We create a wide range of ceramic tiles in all sorts of patterns, colors, shapes, and sizes. This means that whether you want a classic, simple backsplash or something that’s full of color and excitement, you can find just what you want.

If you’re ready to learn more about your options then we urge you to stop by our showroom or give us a call at 626-799-4595. We are proud to create some of the most unique, highest-quality ceramic tiles for your kitchen backsplash and beyond.