5 Tips to Design the Perfect Fireplace

5 Tips to Design the Perfect Fireplace

Is there any better way to transform a living room from stuffy to cozy than by adding a fireplace? Is there a dramatic way to create a statement piece than by installing a fireplace? Never mind the significant heating savings you could experience. At Mission Tile West we’re excited about all the opportunities fireplaces bring and are here to offer five tips to help you get on the right track.

  1. Start with a theme

  2. The first place to start is by deciding on what your theme is. Do you want a vintage-inspired fireplace that will bring you back to the yesteryear? Or do you want a modern, sleek fireplace? If you’re stuck on this step, just ask yourself this: How do you want your fireplace to make you feel? The answer will likely give you a clue as to what your theme might be.

  3. Choose your tile

  4. At Mission Tile West, we can’t emphasize too much how important it is to choose the right tile for your fireplace. You can browse our gallery of fireplace tiles to see how incredible the right tile can be and how it can completely transform the look of the fireplace. If you need help deciding on the right material, style, or design, feel free to reach out to us at 626-799-4595 and take advantage of our years of expertise.

  5. Take the rest of the room into consideration

  6. If you want your fireplace to be successful then it must work within the room it’s being installed in. Does this mean that your beautiful tiles and other design elements must work within the design you already have in place? Not necessarily, but it does mean that if they don’t already work together then you must be willing to make some changes to the rest of your décor. After all, a modern fireplace isn’t going to fit in well with a room decorated with turn of the century furniture.

  7. Balance is essential

  8. Your mantel – and the items you add to it – must be balanced or the fireplace won’t look its best. What does this mean? It means that you should mentally cut a line down the middle of your fireplace, vertically. What would be on each side? Would each side be evened out? You don’t need identical pieces on both sides but you do want a sense of balance.

  9. Get creative!

  10. Your fireplace should be a focal point and it can be a conversation piece – if you want it to be! The choices are all in your hands. Remember that once you’ve chosen the tile and the mantel, most everything else can be changed. Try out some different styles of art, try a different color for the wall behind it, and play around with your creative side. You can make adjustments as needed.

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