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6 Ideas to Create the Perfect Outdoor Living Area with the Help of Tile

6 Ideas to Create the Perfect Outdoor Living Area with the Help of Tile

In the new normal, it is more important than ever before to have a beautiful outdoor living area that works for you. Whether you use it for social distance parties or to enjoy time with your family, taking the time to perfect it can be well worth the time and money. Check out these unique ideas to create the perfect outdoor living area.

  1. Create a Water Feature
  2. Not everyone can afford a pool, but if you want to create an outdoor oasis, you can do so by simply adding a water feature. Whether a fountain, a pond, or a simple, stylish, birdbath, water features can help an outdoor living area feel closer to nature.

  3. Install a TV to Be the Center of Attention
  4. If your outdoor activities are likely to include a lot of sports gatherings in which you watch the big game, do not forget to prioritize where you install the TV. Look for an outdoor TV that is set up to be used outdoors. It will not be waterproof but will be safer than a typical TV.

  5. Install Hand-Painted Tiles
  6. Close your eyes and imagine your perfect outdoor living area. What does the flooring look like? Whether it’s a soft, beautiful neutral color, a bright, bold color – or anything in between, Mission Tile West has you covered. You can get tons of decorating inspiration just by looking at the tile flooring, backsplashes, and fireplace tiles we offer.

  7. Add a Bar
  8. Most gatherings revolve around having a few ice-cold drinks at the ready – if your outdoor area is going to be truly perfect, then it will need to have a bar added. This could be a full outdoor kitchen with refrigerator, stove, and more, or it could be nothing more than an island you add with places to put buckets of ice filled with tasty brews.

  9. Your Grill Can Be a Masterpiece
  10. An outdoor grill is a great way to get the cooking done while still talking to your guests. With today’s incredible gas and charcoal options, you do not have to tuck the grill away – it can become part of the décor. Choose from classic stainless steel, bright colors, and many other options.

  11. Make the Space Cozier by Creating a Garden
  12. If your perfect outdoor space is more “garden of Zen” than “football party,” then turn it into a literal garden. You can add raised beds and fill them with your favorite herbs. You can add plants all around the outdoor living area. The choice is yours, but remember that plants not only look beautiful but they help create healthy, breathable air too.

Are you in need of the best hand-painted tiles in California? Then you are in need of the incredible selection at Mission Tile West. Call us now at 626-799-4595 to learn more about how we can help you transform your outdoor living area.