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6 Reasons to Get Rid of Carpet

6 Reasons to Get Rid of Carpet

Carpet is harmful to your and your family’s health, breeds unneeded bacteria, mold, and other nasty particles, and it’s a high maintenance hassle if you want it to look good. It’s easier to switch out the carpet for a hard surface flooring.

Costly Replacements

Wood, tile, bamboo, and even cork can outlast carpeted floors for decades. Carpet needs to be replaced far more frequently. That’s not to mention getting it professionally shampooed or deep cleaned so that the carpet can be almost as clean as the hard surface flooring.

It’s far more cost-effective to switch to tile or a similar hard surface for the flooring in every room of your home. Next time your carpet needs another replacement, just get Mission Tile West to do a switch out.

Skin Cells and Dust Particles

Carpet collects all of the dust particles, skin cells, dust mites, food spills, and everything you walk in from outside on your shoes. And your carpet isn’t just collecting a little amount of these particles. On the contrary, multiple the weight of your carpet 8 times over, and that’s how much that said carpet can hold in skin and dust particles. Yes, it is as gross as it sounds!

Unwelcome Bacteria

With carpet comes the need to vacuum. It’s unfortunate that every vacuum cleaner (even the high-profile, filtered vacuums) release dust particles and bacteria into the air. Since you’re right behind the vacuum, that means you get hit with that. It doesn’t stop there, though. Your vacuum is literally showering not just you, but your entire house with bacteria. Have you ever vacuumed with food close?

Dangerous Carcinogens

It’s not a commonly known fact, but the majority of carpet brands make carpet with a mixture of materials, some of which include volatile organic compounds and other carcinogens. Placing carpet in your home opens up the risk of mild symptoms like coughs, fatigue, and headaches to serious illnesses, such as severe respiratory problems and even cancer.

Unseen Fungus or Mold

A lot of homes have carpeted spots specifically near entryways, in laundry areas, or even in bathrooms. All of these areas, however, run the potential risk of getting moisture in the carpeted area. Steam cleaning after it’s too late won’t reverse the problem. Mold will grow if any moisture builds up. You’ll need a professional to come to an expensive clean up, or it’ll require a replacement altogether.

If you’re going to have a professional sent out, you might as well have an expert from Mission Tile West come out and take care of the problem for good. They’ll replace the carpeted sections of your home with custom, handcrafted, hard surface flooring that’s easy to clean and take care of.

Less Allergies

When you get rid of the carpet in every room, especially the room where you sleep, you can wake up allergy free. If you regularly experience a stuffy nose in the morning, a lot of drainage, or other allergies that just won’t stop, sometimes just clearing your bedroom of carpet and thereby keeping the whole room cleaner is enough to clear up the worst of it.

Call Mission Tile West at 626-799-4595 to discuss the switch. Rid yourself of carpet and live a cleaner, classier life with tile.