Are You Looking for Designer Tiles for Your Bathroom? Consider These 5 Tips Before Choosing an Option

Are You Looking for Designer Tiles for Your Bathroom? Consider These 5 Tips Before Choosing an Option

It doesn’t matter if you are building a new home from the ground up or are renovating your bathroom – you will have many things to consider when choosing bathroom tiles. At Mission Tile West we have so many options that your first instinct may be to feel overwhelmed. The truth is that all these options are actually a good thing – if you know how to narrow them down.

Keep reading to learn the tricks of the trade. When you are ready to see an impressive tile gallery for yourself, stop by or give us a call at 626-799-4595 with any questions.

  1. Pay Attention to the Width of the Grout
  2. One of the essential things you will look for when choosing designer tiles is how wide your grout will be. In most cases the width of the grout joints is going to be about one-quarter inch if installed on bathroom walls but could be as wide as half an inch if they are installed on the flooring. This width will make a big impact on the final look once installation is completed.

  3. The Color of the Grout
  4. Just as the width of the grout can change the way the designer tiles look, so can the color of the grout. This is why we recommended choosing your tiles as part of your entire bathroom rehaul process – not on their own. You do not want to choose the perfect tiles, only to find that the light grout lines used do not go with your dark tiles, or that your light-colored tiles do not work well with the dark grout. Talk to your contractor and review all your options.

  5. The Size of Tiles
  6. Tile designers create their art in all sorts of sizes. It is common for a bathroom to use several different sizes. For example, most of the bathroom may be done in 12-inch tiles that take up a lot of room, but the detail work is done with one-inch designer tiles. You will want to think not just about the size of one type of tile but, if you are choosing a number of tiles, how those sizes will work together.

  7. How Easy it Will Be to Clean and Maintain Your Tiles
  8. Remember that you will need to clean and maintain your tiles for years to come. Nothing is worse than having made choices that look great initially but, as the weeks, months, and years go on, you do not want to find out that the tiles you have chosen begin to look old and dinghy after a short period of time.

  9. The Texture of the Tile You Are Choosing
  10. The texture of the tiles will depend largely on where in your bathroom they will be installed. For example, if you are adding them to your shower walls then you may want smooth tiles. If you are installing tiles on the floor, then you may want rougher textures that can work to prevent slipping.