Art Deco Tile

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Art Deco Tile
Art Deco architecture and design flourished between the 1920s and the 1940s, and today we still see many design projects seeking to incorporate the stylistic principles and design motifs of Art Deco. Whether you are restoring a historic property built during the heyday of Art Deco or looking to recreate this traditional look in a new property, you can visit Mission Tile West for access to a huge selection of Art Deco tile.

Art Deco Tile Motifs

Though Art Deco began abroad, Americans quickly adopted its principles and used them to convey beauty, strength, and patriotism in a time when the country was in the grip of an economic depression. The traditional motifs used in Art Deco architecture include designs inspired by geometry, machinery, botany, and nationalism. Motifs featuring machinery or nationalistic symbols are typically limited to public buildings, but the geometric and botanical designs which have wider appeal are frequently seen in homes and businesses. Almost all Art Deco motifs incorporate striking color schemes, whether bright or pastel, and the use of color in Art Deco design continues to play a big role in its ongoing attraction for designers and architects.

Art Deco Historic Restoration Tile

Mission Tile West carries Art Deco tile from several different manufacturers, some of which is suitable for historic restoration projects and some of which features more contemporary designs in the style of Art Deco. If you require absolutely authentic Art Deco historic restoration tile, you can come to us for custom Art Deco tile. Our expert design consultants will match a sample, drawing, or photo of historic tile so that we can recreate it for you at one of our tile factories.

Using Art Deco Tile

Art Deco tile was used extensively on the inside and outside of buildings during the Art Deco period, giving us plenty of options for using this type of tile today. Textured Art Deco tile lends itself particularly well to use on walls, especially as a mural. Art Deco tile with a botanical motif could be used to create a backsplash for an outdoor fountain. More geometric Art Deco designs work well as a decorative border for tiled walls or floors, and because of the wide variety of color schemes used in the Art Deco period, you can work Art Deco tile into just about any room with ease.