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Ask the Tile Experts: Great Answers to Your Grout Questions

Ask the Tile Experts: Great Answers to Your Grout Questions

It is often the case that grout is not considered during the tile selection process but it is extremely important. Grout affects both the overall look and feel of your final results, and it has a huge role in how much maintenance you will need to do. In fact, grout can even affect how long your tile lasts.

At Mission Tile West we can help you with your grout selection when you purchase our incredible tiles. You can also continue reading to get answers to some of the most common questions people have about grout.

What’s the best type of grout to use?

That all depends on how it will be used. Epoxy is the most durable of all the grout options. It is stain-resistant and does not become damaged by water, which means it can stand up against harsh cleaners. It is a good choice in kitchens and other areas where both moisture and food will be around.

There are two parts of epoxy grout: The base and the activator. When they are combined, a chemical reaction starts right away and leaves you with limited time to install the tile. For this reason, professional installation is suggested. This increases the price and epoxy is already the most expensive of the options. Keep in mind that, unlike other grout types, it does not require a sealer. That can save you money in the long run.

Sanded grout is cement based with sand added to it. Adding the sand creates a bond that results in grout that is hard to crack or shrink and that has extra slip resistance. This option is best if grout lines are wider than 1/8th of an inch. Non-sanded grout is also cement based but does not have sand. This allows it to be used in smaller joints but it does cause shrinkage and cracking if not used correctly.

Should I seal my grout?

Unless it is epoxy grout, yes, you should seal your grout. This is especially important in moisture prone areas such as bathroom or kitchen tile. You can choose from a spray-on sealant or applicator sealant. Applicator sealers require quite a bit of precision to be correctly applied, but are easy to clean up. Spray-on sealers do not require the same amount of precision but do require a lot of clean up.

What grout color should I use?

There are a seemingly endless number of grout color options, which can make it a challenge to choose one. Note that the darker a grout is, the more it can hide stains but it then becomes more prone to fading. People generally choose between one of three options: Matching their grout color to their tile, choosing a contrasting grout color, or choosing a neutral color. If you need design help, be sure to ask for help from Mission Tile West at 626-799-4595.