Bring Back the Vintage Look of Your Bathroom with Tile

Mission Tile West’s vintage tiles help restore the authentic look of older homes.

Bring Back the Vintage Look of Your Bathroom with TileAfter an uncomfortable period when it is considered embarrassingly outdated and passé, just about every style comes back around into fashion as vintage. If you own an older home, it has probably lost many of its original design elements to well-intentioned renovations over the years. The good news is that is possible to recapture that original, authentic style with the right design choices. Whether you are looking to re-renovate a space to give it back its vintage charm, or want to make a brand-new addition look original to your home, Mission Tile West’s lines of Revival Tile can help.

Our Revival Tile collection includes 6 different tile lines and a rich array of glaze colors, offering the flexibility needed to create a variety of different vintage looks. You can mix and match decorative tile motifs, liner tiles, and trim tiles to create the unique look you want for your space.

Vintage bathrooms are probably the most common application of our Revival Tile collection. Here are some examples of how you might make your bathroom look straight out of a distant decade like:

1920s: For a traditional 1920s look, consider working mainly with black and white tiles. The Revival Kimono line includes some delicate black and white patterns that might be appropriate for this period and could be a good substitute for the wallpapers preferred during past decades. For the floor in your 1920s bathroom, black and white hex tiles are a must. As far as fixtures go, you would likely want a clawfoot bathtub, perhaps with a shower attachment and circular curtain rod. A small wall-mounted sink would also look period-appropriate.

1950s: If your home was built during California’s post-war housing boom, it should have 1950s style. You can recreate this look in your bathroom using our Revival Classics line, which will enable you to incorporate bold vintage tile colors and liner motifs. Possible colors include vanilla yellow, pistachio green, mint green, or strawberry pink. You will definitely want your vanity to be boxy, which is good news for your bathroom storage. In the absence of a Lucite countertop a brightly colored tile countertop would certainly be appropriate.

1960s: For some, the 1960s is still a bit too close to be considered vintage. But if you are dedicated to recreating a 1960s look, the good news is you aren’t necessarily stuck with the stereotypical harvest gold, avocado green, or brown shades. Instead, focus more on the design of the tile motifs rather than the color. Our line of Revival 60s tile offers some bold graphic motifs that will instantly transport you back to the 1960s.