Bringing Nature into Bathroom Design

Bring the soothing elements of nature into your bathroom with these design ideas.

NatureIf you’re looking to make your master bath a soothing, spa-like space, bringing natural elements into the design can definitely help. Here are some suggestions of design elements that can help bring a touch of nature into your bathroom design.

Faux wood tiles: When going for a rustic or natural look, wood is an obvious choice. Unfortunately, wood doesn’t always perform well in the wet, humid environment of a bathroom. Ceramic bathroom tile with a faux wood finish, on the other hand, can last for decades. You can get the look of wood in a material that is more durable and easier to clean and maintain.

Pebble tile: Another interesting option is pebble tile, which can create the illusion of a floor or wall constructed entirely of smooth round or oval pebbles. This kind of tile comes in a variety of different colors to coordinate with the rest of your bathroom décor.

Rain shower: A nice soak under a rain shower is one of the most refreshing ways to experience your new natural bathroom. Rain showers have large showerheads mounted in the ceiling instead of on the wall, and the shower enclosure is often large and open for a feeling almost like showering outdoors.

Stone tub surround: A deep tub clad in natural stone tile is another design element that can help bring a timeless sense of nature into your master bath. Extend the natural stone tile up the walls for a cool, sleek, grotto-like look.

Wood vanity counter: One popular trend right now is furniture, shelves, our countertops that are made from whole pieces of wood with one side finished and one side left natural, displaying the twists and turns of branch knobs or root burls. You can incorporate this with a custom vanity counter and vessel sink.

Natural lighting: You definitely cannot afford to overlook the lighting if you want to create a nature-inspired bathroom. In many design magazines, you’ll see the trend of bringing nature in with large windows shielded by outdoor plantings rather than indoor window treatments.

Rustic fixtures: Finally, consider choosing faucets and fixtures that have a hand-forged look to bring a touch of natural craftsmanship into the bath. Faucets with waterfall spouts that echo the style of an old-fashioned water pump might be an especially good choice.