Ceramic vs Cement: Which is the Best Material for Decorating with Tiles

Ceramic vs Cement: Which is the Best Material for Decorating with Tiles

The amount of tile selections may appear infinite, and we understand how difficult it may be to make the perfect decision. Check through our tile design collection to get precisely what you’re looking for. For answers to your specific questions, call Mission Tile West at 626-799-4595. Meanwhile, read on to understand the distinctions between two common options: ceramic tiles and cement tiles.

Ceramic and cement tiles are made in the same way

Ceramic tiles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and the manner they’re created and what they’re made of are determined by the materials they’re made of. Clay, post-consumer porcelain, post-consumer glass, and granite dust, for example, are all used in recycled ceramic tiles. Other ceramic tiles, on the other hand, might be manufactured without the use of recycled materials.

Cement is made up of two layers in most cases. The first is the tile face, which is constructed of a mixture of white cement, white marble, and other colorants and is visible while looking at the tile. Depending on the quality of this layer, it might be more colorful, brighter, and more resistant to wear. The second layer is constructed of fine sand and gray cement mortar.

Ceramic and cement tiles can be used in a variety of ways

Both varieties of tile are durable enough to be used in a business setting. They may both be used for kitchen backsplashes, flooring, and fireplace surrounds, among other things. Some ceramic tiles, on the other hand, are not suitable for use in wet interior settings such as steam showers or in outdoor applications.

You can discuss any type with us to find out what it is best suited for. Cement tile may be used almost anyplace, while it is not suggested for use outside in locations where temperatures are frequently below freezing.

Ceramic vs. cement tiles: A cost comparison

It’s difficult to make a clear comparison because so much relies on the tiles you pick. The more complex both alternatives grow, the more costly they become. Hand painted ceramic tiles, for example, are more costly than cement tiles that have not been painted. Having said that, it is often simpler to obtain inexpensive cement tiles than it is to get inexpensive ceramic tiles.

We’ll be happy to answer any of your tile-related questions

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