Could Cement Tile Replace Your Area Rugs?

In the hands of a bold designer cement tile makes an excellent flooring choice.

Could Cement Tile Replace Your Area Rugs?Tile in general makes an excellent alternative to carpet. However, one particular type of floor tile has recently gained traction among designers as their go-to choice when a bold, patterned floor design is required: cement tile.

Many kinds of cement tile are made by hand using old traditional methods, but their look is by no means stuck in the past. Geometric patterns can give a very contemporary look, while more traditional patterns convey a certain elegance.

Cement tile can of course be used to cover the entire floor in a space if you wish. However, some people believe its true strength lies in its ability to serve as an accent covering a smaller space—almost like a tile version of an area rug.

But cement tile is better than an area rug because:

No Fuzz: Carpets and rugs all have the potential to generate lint and trap dust, dander, and allergens. And no matter how fantastic your vacuum is, it will be hard to keep all this dust under control. Tile, on the other hand, is very easy to clean and is considered an ideal option for a healthy indoor environment.

No Slipping or Bunching: One of the most irritating things about area rugs is their tendency to move around underfoot. While most rugs would be paired with an anti-slip backing to minimize movement, they can still creep. Another issue is that the rug can bunch up and acquire a crease that never seems to go away, especially if heavy furniture is placed on it. Obviously tile cannot move.

No Staining: Unlike a rug, which could easily become stained by a spilled drink, a pet accident, a dropped cigarette, or a muddy boot, cement tile is impervious to stains. All you have to do to clean up any mess is simply wipe it clean. Incidentally, cement tile also offers great resistance against chips and scratches. If the tile does manage to be damaged, the flaw will be hard to detect because the pattern goes all the way through the tile. This is made possible by the unique way in which cement tile is made. Rather than having the design painted on top with a glaze, the design is made by pouring different colors of cement into a specially designed mold.

Goes Where Carpet Can’t: A huge factor in the appeal of cement tile is this material’s versatility. Because it cannot be damaged by water, it is perfect for dressing up the floors of a bathroom or for placing in an entry way where a rug would quickly succumb to the wear and tear caused by people going in and out with dirty feet. Cement tile is also much more attractive for your patio area than any allegedly indoor/outdoor carpet you might find.

Of course, when you install cement tile you are making a much stronger commitment than if you just bought an area rug. It is truly an investment for the bold and decisive designer.