How to Create the Perfect Space for Entertaining in Your Kitchen

How to Create the Perfect Space for Entertaining in Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in most people’s homes, but when it comes to those who love to entertain, there may be no more essential room than the kitchen. Whether you’re simply making dinner for your family or throwing a party for your office, it’s important that your office is functional yet comfortable for entertaining.

There are numerous factors you can consider as you look to create a space that actively lends itself to entertaining. At Mission Tile West, we can start by offering incredible kitchen tile options. Not only does it look great but it’s smart too – tile is easy to clean and difficult to harm. Read on to learn some more tips to help you create the perfect kitchen space. Then stop by our location or give us a call at 626-799-4595 to learn more.

Start by asking yourself some hard questions about your kitchen

Before you can start to create the right kitchen, you’ll need to know the truth about how you’ll use it. What types of entertaining do you plan to do? If you’re looking to have casual gettogethers then your needs will be very different than if you want to throw formal dinners. Think also about how many people you plan to entertain, and how often you plan to do so.

Are you going to serve your guests or are you going to make a buffet on the kitchen counter so guests can serve themselves? Will you be cooking or hiring someone else to do so? Will guests be bringing their own dishes? Will your kitchen need additional areas such room to do homework or a basic home office?

Find the right design for your kitchen

Once you’ve gone over everything and start to understand your specific needs, then you can start to think about what’s going to make that a reality. For many kitchens, islands are a great additional that include both storage and extra counter space. When you add beautiful bar stools, you’re also adding to the décor.

If you and your guests like to imbibe adult beverages, then make sure you have an area for beverage bars or drink stations. Whether you have tons of room or not much room at all, you can find a way to work in a beverage station.

Don’t forget the things you won’t see

As you work to create a kitchen that’s perfect for entertaining, you may focus on things you’ll actively be using like the oven, and things that add to the décor or functionality of the room. These are indeed important things to consider but remember to think about your kitchen’s day-to-day functions too. One of the best examples is homeowners who otherwise design a perfect kitchen but forget to leave plenty of room for storage.

Whether you’re trying to create an indoor or outdoor entertainment area, Mission Tile West is here to help. Call us at 626-799-4595 to learn about the many ways in which we can help ensure your entertaining area is as functional is it is beautiful.