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Creating Heritage Tile Mural for Your Home

A few years ago, we expanded our tile hand-painting services by introducing our newest line Revival Brushed. As part of this expansion, we hired Lillie, an expert tile artist and painter to help lead this exciting new chapter at Mission Tile West. With her eye for design and unique painting style, we were also able to increase our custom tile offerings for our clients.

So when our clients came to us wanting a custom mural of their family home, we turned to Lillie to design this incredible heritage piece. The process of creating this mural was going as normal until our clients came to our South Pasadena showroom to see examples of our custom work and discuss the project.

After meeting with Lillie, she took them to her studio where they could see her work. That’s when they realized that 20 years earlier, long before Lillie worked for us, they had commissioned her for a separate project!

When our clients realized that they’d commissioned Lillie before, they were overjoyed. Now they not only have a new artisan-made mural for their kitchen backsplash but an amazing story to go along with it.

If you’re interested in creating a customized mural or tile pattern, give us a call or come visit our showroom.