Creating Unique Living Spaces With Tile

Unique Living Spaces At Mission Tile West, we understand that you want to make your living area as comfortable and inviting as possible. We are all about helping customers achieve this desire, and we love to help them create beautiful spaces in their kitchens, bathrooms and other living areas with our huge selection of quality tiles. Tile does more than add beauty to a space: It adds to its overall durability and increases value. However, the most obvious benefit of tile by far is how it can enhance an area with a unique and even stunning look. The following are some of our favorite ways to decorate with tile that go beyond the more traditional use of countertops or floors.

Windowsills and Doorways

Imagine how eye-catching a window view would be when framed with a lovely tile pattern. This design can be as simple and elegant or colorful and artistic as you would like. Tiles are often placed along a windowsill, especially in the kitchen, to protect the area from water or dirt damage, but you can also use tile all around the window. Bay windows and sun windows are especially perfect for adding a tile embellishment. Doorways are also ideal spots to decorate with tile. A colorful tile pattern around a brightly-painted door is whimsical and makes your entryway seem inviting and friendly. Additionally, this area that sees extra traffic is protected from weather and impact by a layer of durable tile.

Stepping Stones and Pathways

Many stores sell premade, plain stepping stones that are ready for decorating with tile, or you can create custom-sized stepping stones yourself by using a mold and concrete. Tile stepping stones add a splash of color to your yard and garden. They look beautiful in all seasons: enhancing flowers when they are in bloom, or cheering up the yard during the winter. You can go the extra mile and create an entire tile pathway leading to your front door or meandering along a backyard garden. The color and design possibilities are limitless, allowing you to create your own outdoor space that is truly unique.

Accent Pieces

This is a way you can really let your imagination run loose. Free-standing tiles can be used in a variety of ways, from coasters to pieces of art. If using as a coaster, you may want to sand the edges to ensure they are not sharp, and adhere them to a piece of felt to protect surfaces. A particularly beautiful piece of tile can be placed in a frame or on a picture stand to complete the look of a tabletop or mantelpiece display. Or you can create a memorable serving dish that guests will admire, by lining the bottom of a large platter with a tile pattern. Tile is heat-resistant and tough, which makes it perfect for carrying hot dishes.

For whatever reason you decide to use tile, we are sure you’ll become as passionate about this versatile and beautiful medium as we are. Contact us at Mission Tile West for more ideas on improving your living areas with tile.