Creative Ideas for Your Leftover Kitchen Tile

Creative Ideas for Your Leftover Kitchen Tile

When you find the perfect kitchen tile, it’s likely that you will buy more tiles that you need. Once your project is completed, it’s wise to hold on to a few in case of damage. You can simply remove the damaged tile and replace it with the new one. However, if you still have many more leftover then you may consider one of the following creative ideas.

Create Tile Coasters

No matter the shape of tiles you have, making coasters out of them is generally a simple possibility. Simply buy cork, cut it to the size of the tile, and attach it to the back of the tile. If you have smaller tiles, you can glue them directly to the cork to create a unique design.

Hexagon Tiles Can Create Unique Serving Trays

If you have small hexagon tiles leftover after your remodeling project, then you can create a serving tray. This is a great choice because you can very easily change the dimensions of the serving tray based on the number and size of tiles you have leftover.

Cover Your Tabletop with Unused Tiles

If you have quite a few leftover tiles after your kitchen remodeling project, consider covering your entire table with them. This is a great option if the table is in the kitchen or near it, as it will bring together the two areas well. You can even buy extra tiles to facilitate having leftover tiles for just this purpose.

Create Magnets from Your Leftover Tile

If you want to bring the tiles elsewhere throughout your kitchen, you can also consider turning them into magnets. This is very simple: Just go to your local craft store and buy magnet backs. Then attach them to your tile. This is a perfect way to showcase the beautiful tile you have invested in.

Take the Tiles to Your Bedroom and Create a Unique Jewelry Hanger

Of course, you do not have to use the tiles in your kitchen. You can also grab a board, paint it a complementary color to the tiles you have, and then install the tiles on it. Just attach a few hooks and you have created a unique jewelry hanger that will look lovely in your bedroom, bathroom, or wherever else you keep your jewelry.

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