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Discover Three Simple Ways to Update Your Kitchen by Adding New Tile

Discover Three Simple Ways to Update Your Kitchen by Adding New Tile

When it comes to increasing the value of your house, the appearance and amenities of your kitchen are crucial. And, of course, if you do a lot of cooking at home, you’ll want to make sure you have a lovely area in which to do it. Some kitchen improvements might be costly, but designer tile in Southern California provides a variety of alternatives for updating your kitchen on a budget.

  1. Tile and Grout Should Be Replaced If They Are Old
  2. Most varieties of tile hold up well over time, but grout frequently discolors and shrinks, pulling away from the tile. Replace the ugly old grout with a new product that will appear clean and fresh for years to come as a simple and easy method to remodel your kitchen. Use a mildew- and stain-resistant product if possible.

    You might as well try replacing your old tile while you’re changing your grout. Upgrade to a new color scheme or a more contemporary tile form. Ask us about our ability to match antique tile designs if you’re satisfied with your current tile design but want it to appear fresh.

  3. Install a Backsplash of Tile
  4. You should install a tile backsplash in your home if you don’t already have one. Backsplashes not only protect your walls from spills and splashes that occur when cooking, but they also look great. The sky’s the limit when it comes to color, form, and overall visual impact when using designer tile Southern California for your tile backsplash.

    To complement a Spanish colonial kitchen, consider a classic Talavera tile theme, or sleek, glossy subway tiles to complement a more modern design. One of our knowledgeable tile design experts would gladly show you some samples and assist you in creating a design.

  5. Design a Mural
  6. Extending the tile backsplash up to cover the full wall surface between your range top and range hood is becoming increasingly fashionable. By producing a mural to cover the space, most designs add visual interest and appeal to this tile wall.

For a more delicate design, the mural might use hand-painted decorative designer tile Southern California to create a scene, or just a mix of textures and forms. In any case, a few square feet of tile may completely change the area and provide a stunning new feature to your kitchen.

You can contact Mission Tile West at 626-799-4595 to get help finding the right tile and design for your kitchen makeover.