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Do You Want to Create a Mediterranean Design? Check Out These Tips to Do It Seamlessly

Do You Want to Create a Mediterranean Design? Check Out These Tips to Do It Seamlessly

One of the trendiest recent trends in bathroom makeovers is design that is influenced by the Mediterranean. Selecting the appropriate tile for the project is crucial to realizing this concept. Read on for the best tips from Mission Tile West on how to create this unique design with tile. Then contact us at 626-799-4595 or stop by with any questions.

The traditional components of Mediterranean design

Spanish, Italian, and Moroccan coastlines are bright and arid, and the colors of the Mediterranean region mimic those tones. Rich blue tones are therefore evidently prominent. However, warm browns, yellows, and even lavender tones can also work well in a Mediterranean-inspired decor.

Mediterranean tiles should have shape. Unless you’re using tiny mosaic tiles, you definitely won’t stick to utilizing square or rectangular tiles and instead embrace designs like fans and different kinds of arabesques. Here is where the Moroccan influence on Mediterranean tile is most noticeable.

A little bit of a faded or old look is frequently desired because Mediterranean design is influenced by hundreds of years of history. This gap in Mediterranean bathroom tile design can be filled by hand-painted ornamental tiles.

These historic components are being combined with more contemporary components in today’s Mediterranean-inspired bathrooms to produce an intriguing and alluring blend. Classic fan-shaped tiles, for instance, might be combined with metallic glazes for a look of cool, contemporary opulence.

Similarly, traditional warm Mediterranean colors could be used with more contemporary tile shapes. If a wall or floor covered in Mediterranean mosaic tile is too much for you, you can always make a smaller mosaic for a recessed shower shelf or add a beautiful tile border to the top of a tile wall or the edge of a shower surround.

Do terra cotta tiles exist for the bathroom?

Terra cotta is unquestionably a Mediterranean-inspired material, but bathrooms should not use it. It is an inadequate material for moist conditions because it is too porous. A homage to the significance of terra cotta can be made by including terra cotta tones throughout your design.

Visit Mission Tile West to shop

At Mission Tile West, we have a fantastic range of designer bathroom tile that may be used in layouts with a Mediterranean influence. Many of the handcrafted items in our collection will give you the desired impression of timeless beauty. To talk about your tile design with a member of our knowledgeable staff, we invite you to drop by one of our showrooms whenever it’s convenient for you.