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Find Your Prefect Fireplace: How to Choose a Fuel Source

Find Your Prefect Fireplace: How to Choose a Fuel SourceAt Mission Tile West, we’re proud of the incredible number of projects we’ve worked on with our clients, including some truly inspired fireplaces. While we are experts on making your fireplace look incredible, you must first decide what type of fireplace you want to install. We’ve come up with some tips to help you compare your options and decide which one’s right for your home.

For your consideration: Gas fireplaces

If you choose a gas fireplace, you can then choose to use liquid propane or natural gas. No matter which of these two options you choose, you will need a line from your fireplace to an exterior fuel source. If you’ve got a chimney already, then you may be able to use a vented model. If you don’t have a chimney they you’d likely want a ventless gas fireplace.

It’s true that this can be rather complicated to install, but there are upsides. For example, it’s very easy to turn the heat on and off and gas fireplaces are one of the more energy efficient options out there. As an added bonus, you get the look of authentic flames.

For your consideration: Gel fireplaces

It’s very easy to install a gel fireplace, which is often the reason homeowners choose it. It doesn’t require any type of ventilation, which is part of the reason it’s so easy to install. You can buy the gel in cans, and it burns very cleanly and easily. The downside is that a gel fireplace can be more expensive than other options, but keep in mind that you don’t have to pay higher gas bills or electric bills.

If you don’t think that you’ll use your fireplace on a regular basis, or you want to be able to move your fireplace around when you need to, then a gel fireplace may be the right option. It’s also worth noting that these are often the most modern, sleekest options, which may be relevant if you are looking for an updated look.

For your consideration: Electric fireplaces

Heated coils and fans move warmth around in electric fireplaces. It’s true that you don’t get that classic look of real flames, but this has its upsides – it’s safe for kids and pets to be around. It’s also easy to install an electric fireplace for the same reason it’s easy to install gel fireplaces – no venting is needed. Compared to other options, electric fireplaces are both more energy efficient and more cost effective.

For your consideration: Wood fireplaces

The most classic look of all is undoubtedly a wood fireplace. This option can also help lower your heating bill. Not only do you get the look you want, but you get the smell of burning wood, the sounds of wood crackling, and everything you love about a real wood fire. The downside is that a wood fireplace requires a lot of maintenance, professional cleaning, and of course you have to have a chimney installed if you don’t already have one. You’ll also need to monitor kids and pets around a fire.

We can provide the unique tiles for your new fireplace – all you have to do is decide which one will work best for your home!