Five Things You Should Know Before You Install Your Hand-Created Tile

Five Things You Should Know Before You Install Your Hand-Created Tile

If you invest in hand-created tile from Mission Tile West, we want to ensure that you get the best possible results. That is why we can provide installation instructions for various types of tile. We can also provide these five tips that are important to know before you get started. Today we are excited to tell you about one of our very favorite lines, Terra Bella tiles.

  1. You Should Mix from All Cartons
  2. When you are installing your tile, it’s wise to mix from all the cartons you have. This will ensure property blending. Why? Because hand-made tiles have slight differences in color and application. If you install one carton in one area, it might look different from another area. When you mix all the cartons together, you will have a unified, unique blend of colors.

  3. Both Unglazed and Glazed Tiles Will Have Variations
  4. It is important to understand that whether you buy glazed or unglazed tile, it is going to have variations. These will include different sizes, colors, and thicknesses. You can expect a certain size, color, and thickness you order to have slight differences that add to the uniqueness. If you order 4” tiles and they are 12” then you know you have an issue. If you order 4” tiles and have some that are 4.1” and some that are 3.8”, this should be considered a normal variance.

  5. If You Choose Crackle Graze You Will Have a Few Extra Steps to Take
  6. In the event the type of tile you choose has a crackle graze, make sure you know what it requires before finalizing your order. With crackle graze, you will need to seal it before you can grout it. It also requires frequent maintenance to prevent moisture from getting into it.

  7. Matte Glazes Have Pros and Cons
  8. Know if you choose a matte glaze that it does have a high resistance to abrasion, which can make it a good choice in high-traffic areas. That said, it also has some downsides. Most importantly, it can stain and smudge more easily than certain other types of glazes do.

  9. If You Are Using Dark Grout It Should Be Tested Prior to Being Installed
  10. It is important that you test any dark grout before you install it. Why? Because if it is not the right grout or shade, it could leave behind a reside you were not looking for. Test a small area, let it dry completely, and make sure it is exactly what you want.

At Mission Tile West we offer some of the most unique, beautiful hand-painted tiles in the area. Call us at 626-799-4595 if you have questions or to learn how you can see our tiles in person.