Five Tips for DIY Bathroom Tiling

DIY Bathroom TilingThe bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in a home, so it makes sense to have it look as nice as possible. Tile is a great choice for a bathroom because it can really bring it to life, and is also a surface not easily damaged by water and moisture. For the novice, here are five tips for a DIY bathroom tiling project.

Start Small

If this is your first tile project, it may be good to take on something smaller and more manageable until you really get the hang of it. A huge bathroom can be overwhelming and difficult to complete. In general, it will probably take longer than you expect to finish, and a big tiling project could take exponentially more time. Depending on the scope of the project, there will be unusable areas in the bathroom, like the shower and tub, and if the project drags on too long it can become very inconvenient. It is nice to have someone assist you with the project. Help is great for moral support, and can also create a more efficient process if one person applies the cement and someone else lays and cleans the tiles.

Wear Good Knee Pads

Bathroom tiling projects require spending a fair amount of time on your knees. Investing in some quality knee pads that have one extra wide strap or two straps can go a long way to making the process more comfortable.

Remove the Doors

It may seem like it will be easy to open and close any bathroom doors when needed as you work, but it can be remarkably more efficient to take them off before you start the project.

Go Easy on the Cement

You will probably need a lot of cement for your bathroom tiling project, but you don’t need to mix it all at once. The standard bag of cement is 50 lbs., and if you prepare it all at once you may wind up with a bucket full of hardened cement if your pace is too slow. It is also simpler to mix smaller quantities of cement.

Don’t Stress About Mess

Tiling projects are messy business. However, excess cement and grout can be removed relatively simply, so don’t worry if it seems like you are getting cement and grout all over the place as you work. Just be sure to not wait too long to clear it away or it may become too hard.

Following these five tips can help make a bathroom tiling project a success. Mission Tile West has one of the largest and high quality tile selections available, and can provide expert assistance for all types of tiling projects. Contact them to today at 626-799-4595.