Get Ready for 2020: Which Colors Will Dominate the World of Tile?

Get Ready for 2020: Which Colors Will Dominate the World of Tile?

It may seem like 2019 just began but there is no question that 2020 is on the way in. At Mission Tile West we are always looking for the best, brightest, and most unique design trends coming down the pipeline. Let us take a look at some of the 2020 color highlights that fashion experts swear will have their heyday.

Warm Pastels Will Have a Moment

Pastels have been popular for a few years but the design experts say that though they will remain popular, there will be a swing: Toward warmer, earthier tones of pastels. Think of this color palate as a mix between spring and fall colors.

Bold Monochromatic Colors Will be Popular

It may seem that “monochromatic” and “bold” are mutually exclusive but monochromatic does not have to equal pale. For example, aubergine can be a monochromatic option that is chock full of both elegance and personality.

Dusty Teal is the New Color Crush of the Year

According to one designer, dusty teal will be the “color crush” of 2020. This is a great neutral color that can go great with a huge range of colors including camel, white oak, rust, peach, birch, and even navy. Dusty teal is both calming and deep, which adds extra dimensions to any tile outlay.

Be Prepared for Moody Hues

Rich, moody colors are becoming more popular and it is expected that this will be nothing but more true in the new year. These deep, moody colors are used in conjunction with lighter colors or are used on their own to create a deep, dark, but beautiful and elegant statement.

Natural, Organic Tones Will Be the Rage

While some predict that the cool color palette is going to be more popular than ever before, others say that natural, organic tones are going to be even more popular. This would include warm neutrals taking the place of the cool blues that have been popular for the last few years.

Black and White Will Always Be Popular

There is just no way around it: High-contrast black and white is a great duo. This can be something simple like the colors used together in tiles near each other, or it can be a bold, ziggurat tile pattern. Decorating experts agree that black and white is a timeless classic that is going to be popular in 2020 and likely for centuries to come.

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