Grout Sealer: Why It’s Important and How to Use It

Grout SealerGrout is a mortar product used for filling cracks and gaps, particularly for the crevices between tiles in bathrooms and kitchens. It has the consistency of paste, is porous and will readily absorb water and moisture. Re-sealing it annually will help counter its porous nature and can give lasting life to the tile in a home.

Helps Prevents Staining

One of the main benefits of re-sealing grout is that it can help it maintain its color. White is the most commonly used grout shade, but it comes in many colors and you can pick one that complements the tile. Grout discolored by mold and mildew, especially if it was originally white, is very unattractive and can divert attention from the beauty of the tile. Once mold and mildew get a foothold they are harder to remove. You don’t want the expense and effort of installing new tile to go to waste.

Reduces Moisture Penetration

Sealing grout aids in stopping moisture from penetrating around and under tiles. This is particularly important in spaces like bathrooms and kitchens, where there is a lot of water and humidity. If left unchecked, accumulated moisture can ultimately push tiles off of the wall.


Experts recommend, 6 to 12 months after your tiling project has been completed, re-sealing it. The process is not very hard, but takes some time and preparation. Following are six tips for resealing grout.

  • Take everything out of the room including shower curtains, shower caddies, soap, shampoo and floor mats. It will give provide extra working space and you won’t have to worry about spilling the sealer on anything.
  • Clean the grout before you start. You want to remove any dust, mildew or hair so it doesn’t get sealed in. Be sure the grout is dry before applying the sealant.
  • It is important to have adequate ventilation when applying sealant, so open any windows and turn on ceiling fans.
  • After you have completed the preparation, it’s time to begin applying the sealant. It can be brushed on with a wiry applicator brush or sponged on in larger sections. Firm pressure is needed to get the grout in the cracks. Excess sealant should be removed with a rag within five to ten minutes after application.
  • The sealant needs to be undisturbed (no water on it) for typically 24-48 hours in order to properly cure.
  • In order to minimize wear and tear on grout, it is best to regularly clean it with mild soaps and not harsh chemicals.

Regularly resealing your grout can help prevent maintenance issues and keep it looking great. The professionals at Mission Tile West can assist you in selecting the best tile and grout for your next tiling project.