Head to Head: Comparing Hardwood and Tile Flooring

Head to Head: Comparing Hardwood and Tile Flooring

There are hundreds if not thousands of flooring materials out there, but at Mission Tile West we are partial to tile. When potential clients ask us whether or not tile or wood flooring is a better option, we tell them that there isn’t one sure-fire answer. Instead, we offer them this comparison of their options.

Tile is much more durable

If you’ve looked into wood flooring then you’re likely not surprised to learn that it’s hard to maintain. It can become scratched, dented, warped, chipped, cracked, etc. It is susceptible to pets, kids, regular foot traffic, messes, etc. It needs to be constantly swept and must be resealed every few years. On the other hand, tile flooring can be cleaned easily without special cleaning methods and it is very difficult to damage. In the event that it does become damaged, fixing it is as simple as replacing the tile or two that was damaged – compared to having to rip up a wood floor if part of it is damaged.

In most cases, tile offers the best value

To compare costs you’ll need to figure out what wood you’d want and what tile you’d want and then get quotes for both. However, it’s generally true that tile is the better value. In some cases it may also be cheaper in the short-term, but in the long-run its longevity and ease of maintenance is likely to make it a better overall value.

Tile can be installed almost anywhere

There are very few rooms in the home that can have wood installed in them. Why? Because wood warps easily. You certainly don’t want to use it in the bathroom, where it’s likely to get wet on a daily basis. The great news about tile is that it can be installed in every room from the bathroom to the living room and even outdoors.

You can have tile made to your exact specifications

The great thing about tile in general, and working with Mission Tile West specifically, is that we can provide you with high quality tile in almost any design you want. If you want solid colors to be used to make a design, we can do that too. In short, tile offers you tons of options for customization.

Tile is sustainable

Would you be surprised to learn that more than 20 million trees are cut down on a yearly basis? If you use wood flooring then you’re contributing to that number. Tile will last for decades and doesn’t require a single tree to be cut down.

If you still have questions about your options or about how Mission Tile West can help you get the look you want, then now is the time to reach out to us. Feel free to give us a call at 626-799-4595. We look forward to showing you how incredible tile can be.