Head to Head: Comparing Ceramic and Cement Tiles

Head to Head: Comparing Ceramic and Cement Tiles

The number of tile options may seem endless and we know that finding the right choice feels intimidating. The best way to find exactly what you want is to check out our tile design gallery. You can also call Mission Tile West at 626-799-4595 for answers to your specific questions. In the meantime, keep reading to learn about the differences between two popular options: Ceramic tiles and cement tiles.

How Ceramic and Cement Tiles Are Made

There are several types of ceramic tiles and the specific way in which they are made and what they are made of will depend on what materials they are made of. For example, recycled ceramic tiles include a mix of clay, post-consumer porcelain, post-consumer glass, and granite dust. On the other hand, other ceramic tiles may be made without the recycled materials.

Cement is typically made with two layers. The first is what’s known as the tile face (i.e., what you see when you look at the tile) and is made with a mix of white cement, white marble, and various colorants. It can be more colorful, brighter, and more resistant to wear based on the quality of this layer. The second layer is mortar that is made from fine sand and gray cement.

How Ceramic and Cement Tiles Can Be Used

Both types of tile are strong enough for commercial use. They can both be used in many applications, including kitchen backsplashes, flooring, and fireplace surrounds. However, some ceramic tiles are not good for indoor, moist environments like steam showers, or in exterior applications. You can talk to us about any particular type to find out what it is best used for. Cement tile can be used just about anywhere, though it is not recommended for exterior use in areas that regularly experience below freezing temperatures.

A Cost Comparison of Ceramic and Cement Tiles

It’s hard to do a direct comparison because so much depends on the specific tiles you are using. For both options, as they become more detailed, the more expensive they become. For example, if you buy handpainted ceramic tiles, they are going to be more expensive than cement tiles that have not been painted. All that said, it is generally easier to find cheap cement tiles than to find cheap ceramic tiles.

We Are Standing by to Answer All Your Tile Questions

Do you have other questions about installing tiles in your home? Are you curious about what materials and styles will work best for you? Contact Mission Tile West at 626-799-4595. You can also stop by our showroom to see some of the options for yourself. We look forward to helping you select the tiles that are perfect for your needs.