How Long Will Your Tile Floor Last? It Depends on Several Factors – Including the Tile Itself

How Long Will Your Tile Floor Last? It Depends on Several Factors – Including the Tile Itself

Naturally, you want to know how long any flooring will last in your home before installing it. You might be fine with a material that has a shorter lifespan, like carpet, if you’re striving for a fashionable appearance that will inevitably need to be changed soon. But tile is unquestionably the best option if you want a timeless appearance that you can enjoy for years.

The majority of glazed ceramic, porcelain, and terra cotta floor tiles have a lifespan of 50 years or more. The following factors must be taken into mind, though, if you want your tile floor to last. Remember that you can contact Mission Tile West at 626-799-4595 with any questions.

Some tiles cannot withstand heavy traffic

If you want a tile to function properly over time, it’s critical to select the appropriate tile for your application. Thankfully, you can use the following ratings as guidance.

Tile Level. This quality rating indicates the tile’s tensile strength. The optimal grade to use is 1, and you should never use grade 3 on a floor.

PEI. the abrasion resistance value provided by the Porcelain Enamel Institute. A PEI of 3 is adequate for floor tile in residential buildings. Look for a PEI of 4 or 5 for commercial use.

Don’t forget to select a tile that is both water- and slip-resistant, especially if you’re shopping for bathroom floor tile.

Some tiles require sealing

It will absorb liquids if you choose a tile that is not glazed. Coffee, juice, wine, etc. can all quickly discolor unglazed, porous tile bodies, so this issue is not limited to plain old water. You must seal your tile if you want to keep it safe. For instance, to protect terra cotta tile used indoors, it is frequently sealed. You should reseal your terra cotta floor around every three years if you want it to last.

Buy replacement tiles in bulk right now

A tile floor can endure so long in part because minor issues are simple to remedy. Instead of rebuilding the entire floor, you can just replace the cracked or chipped tile. The only exception is that if you want your replacement tiles to match, you must have additional ones from the original batch on hand. To ensure you always have extra tiles on hand, it is a good idea to order about 10% more tile than you will ultimately use.

Clean up your tile floors

Although tile withstands ordinary use, including canine claws, astonishingly well, over time abrasion can damage tile. Keep your tile clear of sand, grit, and grime to protect it. This is simple to accomplish with a dry and wet mopping routine.