How to Choose Kitchen Tile in Orange County CA

Tips to help direct your search for the best kitchen tile in Orange County CA

Kitchen Tile in Orange County CAIf you’re in the market for new kitchen tile in Orange County CA, you may be finding yourself overwhelmed by all your options. Here are some tips to guide you and make the process a little bit easier.

Measure Your Kitchen

The first step to choosing kitchen tile in Orange County CA is figuring out where you would like to use tile and how much surface area will need to be covered. Knowing this in advance helps you set a budget and avoid falling love with a tile that is too expensive.

Plan Your New Look

If you’re simply replacing old tile with new kitchen tile in Orange County CA, you may be content to get the same color or style of tile as you had before. However, often getting new tile is a great opportunity to give your kitchen a makeover. You may want to look at interior design magazines or visit a Mission Tile West showroom in order to get inspired.

Choose Appropriate Floor Tile

Having a tile floor in the kitchen can be really convenient because it is durable and easy to clean. However, you do need to use care when choosing floor tile. Be sure to use a product specifically designed for floors, as these tiles will be able to withstand heavy traffic and provide adequate traction even when wet. Glass tile is never an appropriate choice for kitchen floor tile!

Use Stain Resistant Tile

While natural stone tile can absorb spills and become stained, glazed ceramic tiles are impervious to stains. This means that if you like the look of stone for your kitchen floor or countertop, you need to use a ceramic faux-stone tile instead of the real thing. Be sure to pair your ceramic kitchen tile in Orange County CA with a stain-resistant grout for a like-new look that will last and last.

Get Creative with the Backsplash

Kitchen backsplashes are a great place to add personality and style to your space. You can use just about any type of tile here without worrying about traction or durability issues. Glass mosaic tile and subway tile are especially popular for kitchen backsplashes right now. Don’t neglect the space between your stovetop and your range hood—often this is a great place to incorporate a tile mural into your kitchen backsplash.