How to Choose the Best Designer Tile in Orange County CA

Use these questions to guide you in your search for the best designer tile in Orange County CA

Designer Tile in Orange County CADesigner tile is a tremendously versatile material that can be used to add style and panache to any room. However, with so many types of designer tile in Orange County CA available, you may have trouble picking out the best tile for your project. Asking yourself the following questions should help you narrow down your options.

What Surface is the Tile For?

The type of surface you plan to tile (floor, wall, shower stall, countertop, pool surround, patio, etc.) will affect your choice of designer tile in Orange County CA. Porous tiles like unsealed terra cotta or natural stone work great for flooring, but aren’t appropriate for counters because they can absorb water and become stained. Cement tiles are great for high-traffic areas because they are durable and hide chips well. Glass tiles and decorative ceramic tiles look lovely on walls and backsplashes, but the same glossy finish that makes them easy to wipe clean makes them slippery and inappropriate for use as flooring.

What Room is the Tile For?

Often, the size of the room determines the size of the tiles you should use. Small tiles help add a sense of spaciousness to small rooms, while large tiles or intricate patterns made from a combination of tile shapes help break up large spaces. If you’re looking for tile for the bathroom, remember that the more grout lines you have, the better the traction will be when the tiled surface becomes wet.

What Are Your Design Goals?

Designer tile comes in a huge variety of color palettes, motifs, and finishes. It is helpful to already have an interior design scheme in mind when looking for your designer tile in Orange County CA so that you can make sure the tile will complement the overall look and feel of your property. Designer tile can be used to create a bold, modern look or to recreate a vintage sensibility. It can serve as the focal point of the room via a bold motif or mural, or it can blend into the background to support other design elements.

What’s Your Budget?

Designer tile covers a wide variety of price points, and it can be expensive to tile an entire room with a designer line. If your project is cost-sensitive, you can stretch your budget by combining generic and designer tile. For instance, you might pick out a designer liner tile to use as a border or scatter a few decorative designer tiles around as accent pieces.

Get Help Picking the Best Designer Tile in Orange County CA

If you’re having trouble picking the best designer tile in Orange County CA for your project, stop by a Mission Tile West showroom for help. We have tons of designer tile on display to inspire you, as well as a helpful staff of design consultants to answer all your questions.