How to Coordinate Your Kitchen to Fit Your Style

How to Coordinate Your Kitchen to Fit Your Style

Mission Tile West crafts beautiful ceramics, stone flooring, and other pieces to the standards our customer is looking for. Our professionals are experts in teaching you how to find the best style to fit you for every room in the house. For the kitchen, there are 3 important sections that can be properly coordinated to bring the whole room together. Changing out and matching up these 3 sections is the best way to set the entire mood for your kitchen.


You don’t have to decide on countertops first, but it is recommended. The material you choose and the overall color you decide for the countertops will help you decide what you want for the rest of the kitchen. There’s tile, granite, marble, and countless other handcrafted materials that experts can install for you. Once you find the material and color of your choice, you can paint your existing cabinetry to coordinate with it.


Now that you’ve got the cabinets painted and the countertops picked out, it’s time to decide on the backsplash color and material you want along the wall of the kitchen. Depending on what you want your focal point to be or what additional purpose you want the backsplash to serve, your options are unlimited. For example, you could use mirrored material to have the backsplash serve that purpose or you could use tile with a specific design in mind.


Finally, you can complement the countertops, backsplash, and kitchen overall by deciding on a floor to really finish up the room. This is the perfect time to complete the finishing touches on a theme, like Revival Malibu or Revival Colonial. You could even go for a contemporary style, sticking to a black and white tile to let the rest of the colors in the room pop. No matter what you decide, changing the countertops, backsplashes, and flooring accordingly is the best way to make a room feel complete.

Bring Your Kitchen Together at Mission Tile West

When you want to find the perfect tile and appropriate countertops, or if you want to browse through a list of over 200 manufacturers, Mission Tile West can help you out. The customization possibilities are virtually limitless with Mission Tile West. Contact us today to speak with an expert about your kitchen.