Is it Time to Remodel? 4 Reasons You May Want to Take the Plunge

Is it Time to Remodel? 4 Reasons You May Want to Take the Plunge

It is common for homeowners to want to remodel their home but to not be sure that it is the right time. They may wonder if it’s smart from a financial perspective or if they should wait. At Mission Tile West, we always believe in adding beautiful touches to any home – especially when it comes to unique custom tiles. That said, in our years of experience we have seen the most common reasons that our clients often want to remodel their home.

  1.  The home is obviously in disrepair
  2. This is the easiest reason to decide on: There is actual damage to your home. If you have a bathroom that has peeling paint, where the cabinets are dinged up, and the floors are clearly in need of being replaced with new bathroom tile, then it is easy to see that it’s time to remodel the bathroom. If you have a kitchen with appliances that no longer work as they should then it is time to remodel.

    While on the surface this is an obvious reason for remodeling, the truth is that many homeowners feel that they should wait. They find that while some things in the room they are considering remodeling are not working perfectly, there is still life left in it. Do not wait until you have no choice. Remodel today and enjoy the results.

  3. The previous designs have been outgrown
  4. Was your bathroom wallpapered in the ‘80s and still shows it? Do you have a bedroom that was perfect for your five-year-old daughter but perhaps needs updating for your teenager daughter? One of the biggest reasons to remodel is simply having outgrown the look of a room.

  5. The home will be up for sale soon
  6. There is a lot of debate about whether or not it’s wise to remodel a home if you’re about to sell it. You don’t want to put in a lot of money to a home and not get that money back, but if upgrading your kitchen for $5,000 can yield a $10,000 increase in the price of the home, then it may be worth it. Additionally, even if the remodeling doesn’t actually increase the price, if it simply gets buyers more interested then the home can sell quicker and you can save money by selling it sooner.

  7. You have the money to upgrade
  8. Finally, some people want to remodel their home because they have recently come into the resources to do so. This is often the case for couples who bought a starter home. It may not have had the perfect bathroom, kitchen, etc., but the price was right. After a few years of paying the mortgage they may have saved up a little money, or built enough equity in the home for a loan, and are now ready to turn their acceptable home into one they love.