Is Porcelain Tile the Right Choice for Your Project? 4 Reasons It Might Be

Is Porcelain Tile the Right Choice for Your Project? 4 Reasons It Might Be

One of the hardest parts of moving forward with a bathroom remodeling project is choosing the right tile. With so many options, there are a lot of things to consider. While there is no one type of tile that is perfect for every need, porcelain is a great choice for many projects. Keep reading to find out about four reasons it may be the right choice for you and then contact Mission Tile West to learn more about our options.

  1. Porcelain is extremely durable, hard, and dense
  2. Porcelain tile is a great choice for high traffic areas. It’s also a great choice for any area in the home that is exposed to regular wear and tear. Why? Because it is made from a certain type of clay that must be fired at very high temperatures. The result of that manufacturing process is that it is extremely dense. This manufacturing process also gets rid of most of the water, which means it is more water-resistant when compared to other tiles. As a result, it’s also a great choice for bathrooms and kitchens.

  3. Porcelain is very versatile
  4. You would be hard pressed to think of a situation in which porcelain would not be a good option. It is great both indoors and outdoors. It’s perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. It is a great choice when you want to tile a fountain, it can be used on walls – it can even be used on ceilings. Of course, countertops and backsplashes are beautiful when done on porcelain. When it is properly cleaned and cared for, porcelain holds up very well.

  5. It is very easy to care for porcelain tile
  6. One of the main reasons that a person chooses tile over wood, granite, and other flooring and countertop options is the fact that they are very easy to care for. As a result, you want to make sure that you are not then choosing a tile that is hard to care for. This is not a problem for porcelain. The fact that it has such a low moisture content means that it won’t chip even if it is used outdoors and freezes. It can also be cleaned without having to pay for expensive, complicated specialized cleaners.

  7. Porcelain is more cost effective than many people realize
  8. The fact that it is so durable means that porcelain is much lower in cost in the long run compared to other options. Does this mean that it is the cheapest option on the market? No – but you will find that the cheapest options are likely to last only a few years. Porcelain can last as long as your home does. This reduced need for replacement not only saves you money in the long run but it saves you the hassle of having to replace it year after year.

If you are ready to find out more about porcelain tile and other options then we welcome you to contact Mission Tile West at 626-799-4595 for more information.