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Learn About the Latest Trends in Bathroom Tile Design in 2019

Learn About the Latest Trends in Bathroom Tile Design in 2019

As you choose the best bathroom tile for your home, you will have many things to consider. If you are like most homeowners, one of those things will be what is on trend and popular in the world of bathroom designs. At Mission Tile West we work hard to provide both trendy and classic tiles that will look incredible today and twenty years from now. Keep reading to learn about some of the most popular bathroom tile trends in 2019.

Bathroom Tiles with Graphic Patterns

Bathroom tiles that have unique designs are very popular and make a great accent for any bathroom. You can choose from a soft, subtle hue that works well with other colors in the bathroom, or you can choose a bold, contrasting color that adds a pop of color. Whether you choose subway tiles or ceramic tiles, graphic patterns are in vogue and are becoming more popular seemingly by the day.

Matte Tiles Are Becoming More Popular

Glossy tiles will always have a place in the world of remodels but matte finishes are becoming more and more popular alongside them. They offer a beauty that is soft but beautiful and does not overwhelm those who love it. One of the advantages of the matte craze is that these tiles do not show smudges or water marks the way glossy tiles do.

As a result, they are great for busy bathroom floors. Likewise, the low sheen makes them very easy to maintain. If you are going to install matte tiles yourself, make sure that you do so with plenty of lighting – both of the natural and artificial varieties. Why? Because they do not reflect light and you want to install them with a good idea of what the finished design will look like.

Glossy Tiles Have Their Own Fans – and Advantages

As mentioned above, though matte tiles are becoming very popular, they are not going to mean the end of glossy tiles. For many people, this is good news. Glossy tiles are very dramatic and add a unique element to a design. This makes them a top choice for a homeowner who wants an elegant, polished bathroom.

Likewise, they are great for smaller bathrooms because they reflect lots of light. This helps to create the perception that the space is actually much larger than it seems to be. However, note glossy tiles do tend to require more maintenance and they can be slippery, so they are better used for walls or other low-traffic areas in the bathroom.

When in Question Choose a Neutral Color

If you are just not sure of what type or style of tile you want, we recommend talking to a tile expert by contacting Mission Tile West at 626-799-4595. In many cases, the best option is to choose a neutral color that will continue to look great no matter how you decide to change your bathroom in the future.