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Learn How to Create a Custom Bath Vanity That Exceeds Your Expectations

Learn How to Create a Custom Bath Vanity That Exceeds Your Expectations

As you work on a bathroom renovation, it is important not to overlook your options in creating a custom, beautiful bath vanity. At Mission Tile West, we are here to help you learn the simple steps and features involved in creating the right vanity for your needs. Call us now at 626-799-4595 to learn how our unique tiles could be an essential piece of the puzzle.

Start by Choosing the Vanity Base

There are many styles, materials, and options in vanity bases. The one you choose will determine the size of everything else you buy, as well as the style. Because it is the largest piece of the puzzle, we recommend starting by choosing the right base for your needs. Remember to consider how much storage space you need, the style you are most interested in, and where it will be installed.

Choose a Vanity Top

The vanity base might include a top, or you might choose this separately. If it is not included, make sure that you choose a top that has the right monohole or dual-hole options for your needs, that has the space for the plumbing you want, and otherwise matches your style. Popular material choices include quartz, ceramic, porcelain, and tile.

Pick Out the Hardware

There are also versatile options in hardware, including everything from timeless finishes to sleek modern options. Start by considering function – what do you need the handles and pulls to do? Then find the right style, material, and design that you love and that works with your vanity base and vanity top.

Look for the Perfect Mirror

When it comes to what you will look at most on your vanity, it is likely your mirror. As a result, it can truly make or break your experience. You can decide to make a statement with an expected design, or you can choose a classic, elevated look with brass metal. As is true of all the tiles you could use for your bathroom, the options are nearly endless.

If you want to add storage through your mirror, consider a medicine cabinet. These can range from very simple to modern with USB ports and built-in lighting solutions. They are particularly good for smaller bathrooms that lack storage space.

Finish with Lighting

As is true of every aspect of your bathroom renovation, the lighting choices you make should be both functional and beautiful. You need light that gives you the brightness to do your makeup, tie your tie, or whatever else you do in front of the mirror. At the same time, you want your lighting fixtures to be uniquely beautiful.

If you are ready to learn how Mission Tile West can help you tile your bathroom to perfection, contact us at 626-799-4595 or stop to see your options in person.