Maintaining the Look of Your Tile Floor

Maintaining Tile FloorIn areas of your home that are prone to getting wet, tile can be a durable flooring option. Kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas will remain in pristine condition through the use of ceramic tile. Of course, without the proper level of care and maintenance, this surface will eventually begin to lose its luster. There are a few methods that you can use to clean your tile and guarantee that it lasts for many years.

Routine Cleaning Procedures

There are several basic techniques that are helpful in routine cleaning situations. By sweeping and vacuuming the floor on a regular basis, you can remove loose dirt and other materials, which easily accumulate. Bathroom tile is one particular surface you should sweep often, as dirt that is exposed to moisture will quickly turn into grime. Mopping the floor with warm water is an appropriate option when there are no visible stains or debris. Sometimes lightly scrubbing an area with a damp dust cloth is sufficient as well. Anytime you spill a liquid on the floor, make sure to promptly clean it up in order to prevent it from becoming encrusted on the surface.

Bringing in the Reinforcements

Sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping are only useful when light cleaning is required. Sometimes stronger measures must be taken. Adding half a cup of vinegar to the water you mop with can wash away most stubborn stains. Detergent is another helpful ingredient you can add to your water. For stains that continue to resist your efforts, you should consult a stronger method:

  • Mix together water and scouring powder into a paste
  • Using a wash cloth, rub the paste into the stain
  • Let the paste sit for ten minutes
  • Scrub and wash the area with a warm brush
  • Continue to apply the paste until the stain is eliminated

The Strongest Cleaning Option

When all else fails, bleach is you next course of action. You should always wear gloves when handling this substance. Using a solution of bleach and water, you can clean resilient stains. By utilizing a toothbrush, you are also able to wash the grout in between the tile. Make sure to rinse the floor with water once you are finished, and apply grout sealer to the grout to prevent it from becoming dirty in the future.

Adding Visual Appeal to Your Home

Your kitchen and bathroom are frequently exposed to moisture, and you must know how to properly clean the tile in these locations in order to preserve its appearance. Tile flooring can add a visual appeal to your home, and there are many different varieties for you to choose from. Mission Tile West has a wide selection of products available to you, and by taking advantage of its services, you can provide you home with beautiful and durable tile flooring.